“Don’t Buy, Share” at Playground Bar & Lounge



This multimedia, interactive presentation will engage attendees on issues surrounding materialism, changing consumer attitudes and the sharing economy; it will answer the question: how can you, as a consumer and community member, start sharing instead of buying? Dr. Bhappu, an entrepreneur and the Chief Scientific Officer for Sharing Tribes, will discuss the soon-to-be launched Sharing Tribes application that promotes sharing and borrowing over buying with the goal of changing the consumer landscape.

This vanguard technology comes at time when the sharing economy is becoming a rapidly growing and disruptive force within the retail sector; global revenues are predicted to be well over $300 billion by 2025! That’s not surprising when you consider 76 percent of Americans think sharing saves money, 72 percent think sharing builds relationships, and 64 percent think sharing lowers environmental impact. Learn how sharing and borrowing can be as easy as buying online and how shifting our consumer choices can help reduce our environmental footprints.

Dr. Anita Bhappu’s bio at the UA Honors College: http://www.honors.arizona.edu/users/anita-bhappu?destination=user/1389


  1. Interesting talk by Dr. Bhappu about overconsumerism in U.S. , Overshoot Day being on 8/13/15 when we used 100% of nature’s resources; Americans use 2 billion square feet of self storage (for extra stuff). She showed video by Tim Kasser “The High Price of Materialism” to diminish materalistic values & promote intrinsic values; to encourage a sharing culture to lower environmental impacts, increase peer to peer networks, save $ through such companies as Uber, AirB &B, activities such as house swapping, lending tools, WiFi hotspot sharing, freecycycle.org, and free markets. Of course there are barriers such as trust, broken equipment & liability issues to be resolved. Check out website, sharingtribes.org.

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