Doug Mastriano Has Promoted And Campaigned With Julie Green, A Self-Proclaimed ‘Prophet’

Matthew 7:15Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves.

These White Christian Nationalists and Dominionists who dare to call themselves “prophets” are seriously mentally ill with psychosis. Prophecy and mental illness: “sometimes psychotic patients indeed have delusions with contents of divine revelation, messianic assignments or prophetic power.”

GQP gubernatorial candidate Doug Mastriano, a White Christian Nationalist and QAnon cultist, has himself a self-proclaimed “prophet” going around making death threats to anyone who disagrees with their cult religion, in the name of the Lord. You don’t see this every day in a campaign.

Media Matters reports, Doug Mastriano’s campaign “prophet”: Political executions are coming, Biden “is no longer alive,” Pelosi drinks “children’s blood”:

Pennsylvania Republican gubernatorial nominee Doug Mastriano has promoted and campaigned with Julie Green, a “prophet” who has claimed that God will execute political figures “for their planned pandemic, shortages, inflation, mandates and for stealing an election.” The Mastriano ally and fringe religious commentator has also alleged a variety of conspiracy theories, including that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi “loves to drink the little children’s blood”; the government is conducting “human sacrifices” to stay in power; and President Joe Biden is secretly dead and an “actor” is playing him.

Green, who says she has a “special relationship” with Mastriano, has implicated numerous Republican figures as traitors, including Republican Governors Association co-chair and Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey. She has alleged that there will be a video showing that he took a bribe to swing the 2020 election and he “will be no more, and treason will be written on” him “for all eternity.” 

Mastriano’s connection to Green is yet another chapter in his history of promoting extremist media. He tweeted QAnon content on Twitter more than 50 times. He shared anti-Muslim content on Facebook. He posted an image claiming Roe v. Wade is “so much” worse than the Holocaust. And he paid for “consulting” with Gab, the white nationalist social media platform that’s headed by a virulent antisemite and filled with violent antisemitic threats. Mastriano is also a January 6 insurrectionist.

Green is the head of Julie Green Ministries. She claims that God regularly sends her prophecies, which she posts online through sites such as Rumble alongside calls for donations. She also participates in events organized by right-wing grifter and conspiracy theorist Clay Clark. Green is part of a pro-Trump prophet movement that frequently and inaccurately predicts good fortune for the former president.

Green’s prophecies are badly performed pro-Trump fantasies in which God has “chosen” Trump to be his “Moses” to “deliver the people out of the hands of these nowaday pharaohs.” In this telling, the “majority” of states will decertify their 2020 election results, Trump will “take back his rightful place of power,” and God will send his “Angel of Death” to take the lives of people who stole the 2020 election, among other alleged misdeeds.

Green’s prophecies justify the coming deaths of elected officials by alleging vast conspiracy theories. For instance, she claimed Rep. Ilhan Omar is “a spy sent from your land to get everything you could to give it back to the nation that you serve”; she said that Sen. Mitt Romney’s “fingerprints will be found all over the fraud of the 2020 election”; and alleged that Govs. Gretchen Whitmer and Brian Kemp were also involved in stealing the 2020 election.

Her prophecies have a special place for Mastriano and Pennsylvania. On February 28, she prophesied: “Doug Mastriano, I have you here for such a time as this, saith the Lord. I know it seemed like I had forsaken you, all your hard work, and all the time you put forth to get to the truth in election integrity. You know the truth, and you have seen so much evidence of what really happened. It is now time to move forward with the plans you have been given. Yes, Doug, I am here with you. I will not forsake you. The time has come for their great fall and for the great steal to be overturned.”

Mastriano and his campaign have taken notice of Green. On March 15, Mastriano invited Green to give the opening prayer at a campaign event. Mastriano campaign aide Vishal Jetnarayan introduced Green by saying he was sent her prophecy. He added that “we’re so honored to have you over here” and welcomed her as “a representative of God.” During her prayer, Green said that “everything that has been stolen will be overturned by your hand” and Mastriano will be “the next governor of Pennsylvania.”

Mastriano also shared a Green prophecy video on March 25, in which she claimed that Pennsylvania is a “hornet’s nest of corruption,” that “I, the Lord, am cleansing your state,” and that “something very special will come out of your state.”

And on May 13, Green said she was asked by Mastriano aide Jetnarayan to record a message and made a 25-minute video for followers in which she prayed on behalf of Mastriano and his campaign team: “I thank you for giving them endurance. I thank you for giving them strength. I thank you for giving them everything they need, Father God, to cross that finish line.” She added: “Every one that comes against them shall fall before their face. Every lie will be revealed, everything will be exposed. And I thank you, Father God, those people that have been up against this campaign, up against each and every one of these people, Father God, will fall and be exposed in Jesus’ mighty name.”

Mastriano also posted a picture of himself with Green on April 25; and he appeared alongside her at the Patriots Arise conference that month, where she read a prophecy that stated: “Yes, Doug, I am here for you and I have not forsaken you. The time has come for their great fall; for the great steal to be overturned. So keep your faith in me.” (QAnon and antisemitic conspiracy theorists organized that conference.)

During a June 10 interview, Green said that she has been able to “go to Pennsylvania several times to see him” and that “we just have a special relationship.”

By using Green in his campaign events and social media content, Mastriano is deploying someone who has pushed QAnon-aligned rhetoric and justified the executions of public officials, including those who are politically opposed to Mastriano. 

Green’s prophecies contain extreme conspiracy theories, including:

Green claimed that Pelosi “loves to drink the little children’s blood. By drinking this blood, they believe they will receive a longer life. Yes, a true witch she really is. She was part of sacrificing the children to Baal.” The claim that elites drink children’s blood to extend their lives — also known as the adrenochrome conspiracy theory — has been pushed by QAnon followers.

Green claimed that Joe Biden is secretly dead and being played by an “actor”: “The real Joe, I told you, has already been judged and is no longer alive.” 

Green claimed that government elites have been doing “human sacrifices” so they can advance “control over this world.”

Green: “They have manipulated even the weather to cause mass casualties” and have “used this machine against you.”

Green on Doug Ducey: “The video that is about to surface shows you receiving money for November 2020.” 

JULIE GREEN: Doug Ducey, your time is up. Exposures will rip any influence you had left. You will be removed from your place of power. Major breaking news and visual evidence of who you really are and how you stole from the people in your state. The video that is about to surface shows you receiving money for November 2020. Yes, they rewarded you nicely to sell your soul to the devil. You are a traitor and a liar. I gave you time to make these things right, and you refused to, so now judgment is upon you with no way to stop it. Governor, you will be no more, and treason will be written on you for all eternity.

Katie Hobbs, you’re in that video too with Gov. Ducey, and you, too, will fall. Your end is the same. Treason will be your end.

Green also frequently prophecizes that various Democrats and Republicans will die due to their supposed treason. During one prophecy titled “The Fall of the Bidens,” Green prophesied: “I am using the arm of the military to pass sentencing down to them all. The gallows have been built. More than you ever realized will be tried and found guilty of treason against you. I am bringing to this soil, even those from foreign lands, to be hung for the coup and for the sick joke played on this Earth. Judgment for their planned pandemic, shortages, inflation, mandates and for stealing an election.”

Green has specifically prophesied numerous that numerous elected officials will die for treason. Among them:

      • Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY): “Chuck Schumer, your story is similar to that of Nancy, Adam, Mitch McConnell, Mitt Romney and Obama. You are all the same, evil to your core, and you all sold your souls to China and to the devil himself. You will all pay with your lives but not before your judgments, and you will lose everything you hold dear to you.”
      • Sen. Mitt Romney (R-UT): “You betrayed your nation, and you made deals with people, like the Obamas, for money and to save your position and power. Yes, your fingerprints will be found all over the fraud of the 2020 election. … Your family will see along with the world that you have no soul left, and you will be tried for treason. Nothing can stop your fall.”
      • Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA): “A weasel, a rat, you sold this nation out and formulated plans to throw out My son from his rightful position as President. … You, too, will be tried for treason, and you will pay with your life. Nothing can save you now, Adam Schiff, for your shifty deals have cost you your life, and nothing can change your future.”
      • Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY): “You will be tried for treason. You KNEW the truth but helped to cover it up because of your fear of what Trump has on you. You tried to impeach, and when that didn’t work, you helped take part in stealing the 2020 election. … You will be removed from power. Your money, your influence and your life will be taken from you by the Angel of Death.”
      • Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN): “You are a snake in the grass. You are a spy sent from your land to get everything you could to give it back to the nation that you serve. I am ripping the information out of your hands, and your mouth will be shut. You infiltrated My nation, and that is the last thing you will ever do. Your nation is letting you fall for them. You have no one on your side to save you. The Great I AM is against you, and you will fall for your treasonous acts.”
      • Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA): “You are another one who will fall to the Angel of Death but not before you are exposed and you are removed. You are a traitor, and the world will know every dirty deal you were part of along with your buddy, Nancy Pelosi. You will fall. You are being sentenced, and your sentence is an eternity in the Lake of Fire.”
      • Gov. Brian Kemp (R-GA): “The devil did go down to Georgia, but My people caught you in the act. Governor Kemp, I have warned you but you stood alongside the Red Dragon thinking you would be safe. You are not. I have everything, and all who are with Me have everything they need to try you for treason. Your life as you know it, Brian Kemp is over.”
      • Gov. Gretchen Whitmer (D-MI) and Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson (D): “I will expose you and everything you did that night of the 2020 election. Every county, every ballot, all the servers, and flash drives will be brought to the light, along with exposing your partner in crime, Jocelyn Benson. You will both take a fall from power and be tried for treason. Every person with you that helped you and refused to repent will be tried as well. Your days are numbered and your number is about to run out.”
      • Rep. Jerry Nadler (D-NY): “Jerry Nadler is about to lose his life for the blood that drips from his hands. That blood calls to Me for justice, and justice is being served.”
      • Sen. Susan Collins (R-ME): “Susan Collins, the Angel of Death is about to visit your house, for you have given yourself to the other side just like so many others for money and power. You will pay a high price for your treasonous acts against this Nation. You thought you would get by with selling this Country off to the highest bidder along with all who are with you, and that’s the farthest thing from the truth. All of you will pay for the damage you have caused against My Nation, the United States, and Israel. You are a traitor, Susan, and you will reap what you have sown in this hour of judgment, saith the Lord of Hosts.”
      • Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY): “Mitch McConnell will be in the news but not for what you think. Death is about to come to him but not before the truth is revealed of how deep he was in the evil schemes against this Nation. Treason will be his end.”

This psychotic chick belongs in a straight-jacket in a rubber room for her own good, not working for the Mastriano campaign. She has been making an awful lot of death threats. How many more of these psychotics are out their spewing this violent rhetoric and claiming to speak for God? Even worse, how many mentally ill people out there believe in them?

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    While the Christian Right has been an increasingly powerful factor in American politics for decades, it has benefited from a strangely persistent culture of denialism. We needn’t review the number of times that reporters, scholars, and religious leaders who should have known better have declared that it was dead, dying, or significantly diminished. That it’s still here and stronger than ever is sufficient reason for all of us to try to get it right.

    The latest version of this denialism comes regarding the New Apostolic Reformation, one of the most important Christian religious and political movements of our time and, arguably, any time. One need look no farther than the role of NAR leaders in the electoral campaigns of Donald Trump and Trump aligned figures, from school boards, to statewide elected offices, and as a dynamic part of the Christian Right.

    [A]nd while we know we cannot cover everything in this piece, and we are not going to single anyone out here, we want to dismantle the main elements of NAR denialism and briefly show how they can contribute to misunderstandings of this important movement. We also want to point to some primary and secondary sources that anyone coming to this subject will find helpful.

  2. The Guardian reports, “Doug Mastriano prayed for Trump to ‘seize the power’ before Capitol attack”,

    A week before the Capitol attack, on a video call organised by a member of a Christian nationalist group, a Pennsylvania state senator who is the Republican candidate for governor in the battleground state prayed that supporters of Donald Trump would “seize the power” on 6 January 2021.

    Mastriano’s 6 January prayer, first reported by Rolling Stone on Friday, was delivered during a Zoom call, titled Global Prayer for Election Integrity, organised by what the magazine called “a prominent figure in the far-right New Apostolic Restoration movement”.

    As defined by Rolling Stone, “Christian nationalism is a central tenet of … NAR [which] emerge[ed] from charismatic Christianity (think: Pentecostalism) and is anchored in the belief that we are living in an age of new apostles and prophets, who receive direct revelations from the holy spirit.

    “NAR adherents hold that the end times are fast approaching and their calling is to hasten the second coming of Christ by re-fashioning the modern world in a biblical manner.”

    Mastriano is a US army veteran who once dressed up as a Confederate soldier. In his prayer, he mentioned historical events including the battle of Gettysburg in 1863 and the crash of United Airlines Flight 93, the plane which came down in a field in Pennsylvania on 9/11, after passengers attacked their hijackers.

    He said: “In 2001, while our nation was attacked by terrorists, a strong Christian man from Paramus, New Jersey, Todd Beamer, said, ‘Let’s roll.’

    “God I ask you that you help us roll in these dark times, that we fear not the darkness, that we will seize our Esther and Gideon moments. That … when you say, ‘Who shall I send?’ we will say, ‘Send me and not him or her’, we will take responsibility for our republic and not waver in these days that try our souls.

    “We’re surrounded by wickedness and fear and dithering and inaction. But that’s not our problem. Our problem is following your lead.”

    In the weeks before the Capitol attack, Mastriano was involved in failed attempts to overturn Trump’s defeat in Pennsylvania, the announcement of which confirmed Biden’s electoral college win.

    On the Zoom call, Mastriano displayed what he said were “letters that President Trump asked me this morning to send to [Senate Republican leader] Mitch McConnell and [House leader] Kevin McCarthy, outlining the fraud in Pennsylvania, and this will embolden them to stand firm and disregard what has happened in Pennsylvania until they have an investigation”.

    He also said: “We think about our elected officials in Pennsylvania who’ve been weak and feckless and we’ve handed over our power to a governor” – Tom Wolf, a Democrat – “who disregards the freedoms of this republic.

    “I pray that we’ll take responsibility, we’ll seize the power that we had given to us by the constitution, and as well by you providentially. I pray for the leaders and also in the federal government, God, on the 6th of January that they will rise up with boldness.”

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