Dr. Andrew Horne Discusses the Race for the Democratic House Congressional District One Primary

Arizona House Congressional District One Candidate Dr. Andrew Horne.

Arizona House Congressional District (CD) One is one of the most-watched Congressional races in the country.

A district where, in 2022, incumbent David Schweikert prevailed in a non-Presidential election year by about a point, has Democrats gleeful that this seat can be a pickup on the road to recapturing a House majority in this November’s elections.

So gleeful that six Democrats, all with impressive resumes and backgrounds, are vying to secure their party’s nomination this July to campaign for the seat in the November elections.

Orthodontist-Dental Surgeon and Small Business Owner with a Bachelors in Economics Dr. Andrew Horne is one of them.

Dr. Horne graciously took the time to discuss the status of the primary campaign.

The questions and his responses are below.

  • How would you assess your chances for victory in the July primary? Please give us at least two reasons you feel that way.

“I feel very optimistic about our chances for victory in the July primary. First, our campaign has built a strong, grassroots network that is highly motivated and actively engaged. This has allowed us to connect with voters on a personal level and understand their concerns directly. Second, our focus on key issues such as supporting education, women’s rights, and healthcare resonates deeply with the community. People are looking for a representative who genuinely cares about their needs and is willing to fight for them, and I embody that commitment.”

  • With regards to policy issues, what are at least two areas voters have been bringing up to you when visiting them at their door or town hall/campaign events? Please explain.

“Two major policy issues that voters frequently bring up are healthcare and education.”

“Healthcare: Access to affordable healthcare, especially reproductive rights, is a top concern. Voters are particularly worried about the impact of recent legislative changes on their access to healthcare services. They value my strong stance on women’s rights and my presence at significant events advocating for these rights, including standing with key Arizona leaders like Mayor Gallego and Kris Mayes.”

“Education: Many residents are concerned about the state of our schools and the need for better support for teachers and students. As a parent with a daughter in Arizona public schools, I share their concerns and they know I will continue to fight for the resources and policies our schools need to thrive.”

  • Tell the readers about the composition of your ground/get-out-the-vote operation for the primary and, if you prevail, the general election in November.

“Our ground game is robust and community-focused. We have a dedicated team of volunteers and staff who are passionate about our mission and work tirelessly to connect with voters through door-to-door canvassing, phone banking, and community events. For the primary, we are leveraging local support to build momentum and ensure high voter turnout. When we prevail, we will scale up our efforts significantly for the general election, incorporating more extensive outreach programs and continuing our grassroots engagement. We aim to mobilize every possible supporter and ensure their voices are heard at the polls.”

  • Is there anything not covered in the first three questions that you would like the readers to know about your primary campaign for Arizona House Congressional District One? Please explain.

“As the only candidate born and raised in CD One, this race is deeply personal to me. I grew up going to our local public schools at Kiva, Mohave, Saguaro, and ASU. Now I’m raising my young daughter Eleanor who also attends public school here. About two years ago, we had a scare in our community. Eleanor sent me a text while I was at work one day that read: “There is a shooter here” and I was faced with the harsh reality we all live in.”

“My top three issues are education, gun violence prevention, and women’s rights, David Schweikert is against us on all of them. The Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v Wade was the final straw that motivated me to run for office. David Schweikert wants to see abortion restrictions implemented nationally, and I will not sit back while my daughter grows up with fewer rights than her mother and grandmother.”

“I entered this race because I believe that my daughter, and all future generations, deserve better. They deserve a representative they can trust to stand up for their rights, fight for their future, and work to create a more equitable society. These principles are the foundation of my campaign and I am committed to bringing them with me to Congress.”

Please click on the link here to research Dr. Horne’s campaign website in the race for the Democratic Party nomination in Arizona Congressional District One.

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