Dr. Heinz goes to Naco (video)

by Pamela Powers Hannley

Those of us grumbling about newly-elected Democratic Congressman Ron Barber's Republican voting record must remember that Barber still has a primary challenger for the CD2 race in November. 

After the jump, check out State Legislator and Democratic challenger Dr. Matt Heinz touring and speaking in Naco. Check out his website for townhalls and upcoming appearances. Heinz will hold a Happy Hour fundraiser at Woody's Bar in Tucson on July 16 at 6 p.m., and he will be in Sierra Vista on July 18.


6 responses to “Dr. Heinz goes to Naco (video)

  1. *Rowley tells lies!

  2. Rowley tells likes! Check your facts, or provide us with some sources. Heinz has a 88% voting rate for last session. He was absent for a one day and excused for six. He’s a doctor, I’d be he was saving lives during those seven days.

  3. Robert Rowley

    Heinz hasn’t bothered to show up for a majority of votes as a state legislator, why would he be any different in Washington? A vote for Heinz is a vote for nothing.

  4. An awesome video. Thanks for blogging it.

  5. Dr. Heinz is a State Representative, not a Senator