Dr. Richard Carmona eyeing a run for governor in 2014

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According to the Arizona Capitol Times (subscription required), Dr. Richard Carmona is eyeing a run for governor in 2014. Carmona considering 2014 run for governor:

Former U.S. Surgeon General Richard Carmona said he’s considering a run for governor in 2014.

Carmona, the independent-turned-Democrat who lost by just three
percentage points to Jeff Flake in the 2012 U.S. Senate race, said
supporters from Arizona, Washington, D.C. and elsewhere are urging him
to make a run for the Ninth Floor.

“I’m being inundated by offers of support, of money, of organization,
both from Washington and here in the state,” Carmona told the Arizona
Capitol Times. “I’ve still got an open mind on everything. I never
intended to run for Senate, but people all over suggested I give it a
try. I don’t want to rule anything out right now, but I’ll just keep
considering all my options.”

Carmona said he’ll need at least a few months to think about the race
and isn’t sure when he’ll make a decision. Sources familiar with his
plans said he will likely make a decision during the second quarter of

* * *

With Carmona eying the race, Democrats might
be looking at a three-person field for their 2014 gubernatorial
primary. House Minority Leader Chad Campbell, D-Phoenix, and Fred DuVal,
a former Arizona Board of Regents chairman, Clinton White House aide
and longtime Democratic operative, are both considering runs as well.

I've had people tell me that former Attorney General Terry Goddard may run for governor for a fourth time, but I find that difficult to imagine.

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  1. That’s quite a lit of Republican hopefuls. Fred Duvall said at DGT today that he is “actively considering” running for the Governor’s race in 2014. He also talked about the growing Republican voter edge in AZ and that no Democrat now holds a statewide AZ office.

  2. According to the AZ Republic: On the GOP side, Mesa Mayor Scott Smith, Secretary of State Ken Bennett, state Treasurer Doug Ducey, Attorney General Tom Horne, state Sen. Steve Pierce and Mesa businessman Wil Cardon, who lost the Senate GOP primary to Flake, have been mentioned as possible contenders for the party’s nomination. Meanwhile, Gov. Jan Brewer is considering researching whether a third term would be legally possible. http://www.azcentral.com/news/politics/articles/20130102rich-carmona-governor-run.html

  3. Who’s considering a run on the Republican ticket besides Sec. of State Ken Bennett? At DGT on January 7, 12 noon:Fred Duval, AZ representative to the Democratic National Committee, speaking on “What’s Next in Arizona Politics?”