During this July 4 Holiday Week, Latino Supporters Voice Approval for the Biden/Harris Ticket

From the Biden/Harris Campaign.

At two campaign events this last week (post debate for those who are now measuring time that way,) Latino supporters gathered to voice their approval for the Biden/Harris ticket.

From the Biden/Harris Campaign.

At the first event, Phoenix Councilwoman Betty Guardado appeared and spoke on the Spanish speaking radio network La Onda Spanish Radio.

According to a press release issued from the Biden/Harris Campaign: Councilwoman Guardado conveyed in Spanish:

“President Biden just made a decision where he said he doesn’t want families separated. He doesn’t want people to have to leave this country if a citizen is married to a person who is undocumented and has been in this country for more than ten years. There doesn’t have to be that separation anymore.”

“[…] We knew that [Trump] is a person who was president of this country who has no respect. When you have a former president who has no pride in this country, then what kind of a person is he?”

“What President Biden has done is deliver results. […] We know there are a lot of problems right now, but what people don’t understand is that a lot of those problems were caused by the leadership we had before. President Biden and Vice President Harris had to come in and fix them. […] I think the [Biden-Harris] administration has been humble and what they’ve done is stand up, [with] strength [and] leadership to fix these problems. And we’re seeing it now. We were all saying we were going to go into a recession because of everything that was going on, and what happened is that he brought a lot of jobs to the United States.”

“We have to make sure Biden wins. We know it’s very important that he wins this election if we want to continue with the changes and if we want to take control of our country. […] The president has done a lot and we have to support him to continue with those changes because we know what he has proven to us: he thinks about us, he thinks about the Latino people. He has a committee, he has ‘Latinos con Biden-Harris,’ which is something I’ve never seen Trump do.”

From the Biden/Harris Campaign.

The second event, held yesterday close by the Arizona Cardinals Stadium, many Biden/Harris supporters braved and made it through tremendous traffic barriers (I know because I could not get through to the event,) to hear state Arizona State Senator Flavio Bravo and House Democratic Leader Lupe Contreras sing the praises of the Biden/Harris Administration while denouncing Mr. Trump, who is currently without a Vice Presidential nominee because his last one, stung by Trumpists wanting to hang him on January 6, 2021, decided not to endorse him this election season.

According to a Biden/Harris Press Release from the event, Senator Bravo said:

“We cannot forget what Donald Trump did during his first term as president that harmed the Latino community. This is the same guy who didn’t just campaign with, but kissed, America’s most infamous sheriff and serial racist, Joe Arpaio. And the same guy who continues to demonize our community … He calls us criminals and recently said immigrants are ‘poisoning the blood of our country.’ Let’s be clear, the true convicted criminal is Donald Trump.”

House Leader Contreras relayed:

“As we’ve heard again and again, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are working to create a country that works for everyone, not just people at the top.Trump spends every day thinking about himself, retribution, and revenge. There’s too much at stake in this election to sit this one out, así que salgamos a votar esta elección y hay que echarle golazo con Biden-Harris esta noche.”

The gathered supporters and presenters were also treated to a new English and Spanish speaking ad called “Gooaall” where it reminded viewers of how the country was paralyzed, in part from Mr. Trump’s mishandling of the Coronavirus, and how Biden/Harris Administration Leadership and Policies helped reopen and resurrected the country, resulting in:

  • The creation of over 15 million new jobs.
  • Investments for American Businesses like in the American Rescue Plan, Infrastructure Law, CHIPS Science Act, and Inflation Reduction Act.
  • Working to make the community safer from gun violence

The ad ends with the narrator saying:

“Trump talks and talks. Joe Biden gets it done.”

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