Generations of Americans have fought and died to secure the right to vote and to preserve that right. The vote is a sacred duty and obligation of the privilege of citizenship in the United States of America. Honor the sacrifices made by the generations of Americans who have gone before you to secure your right to vote by casting your vote in today’s election. Be proud to be an American citizen  and go VOTE!


5 responses to “ELECTION DAY – GO VOTE!

  1. We both agree 100% about! Go vote regardless of your political persuasion.

  2. captain*arizona

    everyone here will vote. instead of preaching to the choir do this if you have not voted use two utility bills as ID. why? to get poll workers used to taking this form of ID ant won’t turn voters away who have no other ID.

  3. If you don’t vote, don’t complain. Your vote is your voice: speak up. No vote, no voice, no choice. Si no vota, no queja. When we vote, we win. 15 minutes every two years, is that really too much to ask? Why do we spend hours looking for bargains, drive around to find the cheapest gas station, but won’t take 15 minutes to do something that could reap much more significant financial benefits. Vote or die.

    • THIS!! We’ll wait ALL NIGHT out in the rain/snow/sleet/heat for the lastest version of an IPhone/flatscreen/XBox…but can’t spare the “time” to vote! That’s screwed up!! VOTE!

  4. Carolyn Classen

    To find your specific polling place go to http://www.pima.gov/elections:
    http://www.pima.gov/elections/polling/. Last night someone asked me where to drop off their early ballot, so I told him to do so at his polling place, marked on his ballot. Here’s the polling locations: