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The only thing that could have made FAUX News Fraudcasting's much anticipated over-hyped and over-sold extravanganza of "Benghazi! Benghazi!! Benghazi!!!" even better would have been having Geraldo Rivera host it from the congressional hearing room in a reprisal of his infamous The Mystery of Al Capone's Vaults special. "I wasted two hours of my life that i will never get back watching this piece of crap, and all you got is dirt and a few empty bottles?"

As Sally Brown said to Linus van Pelt after waiting all night in the most sincere pumpkin patch for the Great Pumpkin to appear, but who never came, "You owe me

So it was on Wednesday when Rep. Dan Burton (R-IN) Rep. Darrell "Grand Theft Auto" Issa (R-LaLa Land) held his third committee hearing witch hunt into the Whitewater "Benghazi! Benghazi!! Benghazi!!!" controversy hoping to prove that Hillary Clinton murdered Vincent Foster Ambassador Chris Stevens.

What else would you expect from someone who has been arrested for auto theft, weapons charges and suspected arson. See Meet Darrell 'Grand Theft Auto'. He is a street punk. Issa has simply dusted off Rep. Dan Burton's "Big Book of Scandal Mongering" from the Clinton administration in the 1990s that helped to build the fledgling FAUX News Fraudcasting. Roger Ailes still hates Hillary Clinton with a white-hot passion for pointing out his "vast right-wing conspiracy."

The over-hyped and over-sold extravanganza of "Benghazi! Benghazi!! Benghazi!!!" produced Yet Another Benghazi Nothingburger, in the words of Kevin Drum.

Washington Post media villager Dana Milbank delivers an appropriately skeptical narrative of Wednesday's hearing witch hunt. Whistleblower’s yarn fails to tie Benghazi lapses to politics:

They summoned a whistleblower to Capitol Hill, but instead they got a virtuoso storyteller.

Gregory Hicks, the No. 2 U.S. diplomat in Libya the night Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other Americans were killed, was to be the star witness for Rep. Darrell Issa (R-Calif.), the man leading the probe of the Obama administration’s handling of the attack on the diplomatic outpost in Benghazi.

But despite Issa’s incautious promise that the hearing’s revelations
would be “damaging” to Hillary Rodham Clinton, Hicks didn’t lay a glove
on the former secretary of state Wednesday.
Rather, he held lawmakers
from both parties rapt as he recounted the events of that terrifying
night — revealing a made-for-Hollywood plot with a slow, theatrical
delivery and genuine emotion.

He spoke of watching TV at his
residence in Tripoli when a security officer “ran into my villa yelling,
‘Greg! Greg! The consulate’s under attack.’ ” He described his brief
final phone conversation with Stevens, 600 miles away: “He said, ‘Greg,
we’re under attack. . . . And I said, ‘Okay,’ and the line cut.”

detailed the frantic effort to call in fighter jets from a U.S. base in
Italy (“It would take two to three hours for them to get on-site” and
there “were no tankers available for them to refuel”
). He sipped water
to regain his composure after recounting the “saddest phone call I have
ever had in my life” — learning from the Libyan prime minister that
Stevens had been killed. And he told of the hasty retreat from the
United States’ diplomatic compound in Tripoli, where a similar attack
was feared.

His yarn before the House Oversight and Government
Reform Committee mentioned embassy office manager Amber Pickens carrying
ammunition to the getaway vehicles and smashing hard drives with an ax,
as well as the rescue-by-ladder of a severely wounded David Ubben from
the mortar attack that killed two others.

Hicks went on for 39
minutes — far beyond the customary five-minute allowance — and nobody
objected until Issa finally paused the storytelling so lawmakers could
pose questions.

Hicks had his grievances with how events in
Benghazi were handled, but his gripes were about bureaucratic squabbles
rather than political scandal
. And this whistleblower spent a good bit
of time tooting his own horn. “I earned a reputation for being an
innovative policymaker who got the job done. I was promoted quickly and
received numerous awards,” Hicks informed the lawmakers. “I have two
master’s degrees. . . . I speak fluent Arabic. . . . I fast became known as the ambassador’s bulldog because of my decisive management styles. . . . Incoming charge Larry Pope told me personally that my performance was near-heroic.”

and his Republican colleagues encouraged this cult of personality in
their own statements, evidently anticipating an effort by Democrats to
discredit Hicks. But it turned out there was no need.

Hicks, bald
and with a white chin beard, said his “jaw dropped” when he heard U.N.
Ambassador Susan Rice falsely claim on TV that there had been a protest
at the Benghazi consulate, but he declined an invitation to challenge
the veracity of the director of national intelligence, who said the
statement reflected “our collective best judgment at the time.”

said he thought a flyover by U.S. jets could have deterred the second
of the two attacks that night, but he declined to question the judgment
of the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, who has said there was no
way to get the fighters there in time.

Hicks was of little use to
Republicans in their efforts to connect the lapses in the Benghazi
response to Clinton or to the Obama White House
. He said that he spoke
to Clinton by phone at 2 a.m. that night and that she supported his
actions. He undermined one of Issa’s claims — that Clinton had rejected
an increase in security for the Libya facilities — when he agreed that
the secretary of state’s name appears on all cables, even if she doesn’t
write them
. [See Issa's absurd claim that Clinton's 'signature' means she personally approved it – Four Pinnochios.]

Hicks did have some damning things to say about the
State Department trying to block him from cooperating with Issa’s
committee. [See State Department disputes diplomat's charges of retaliation] But that wasn’t quite the evidence Issa had promised: that
politics drove the administration’s response to Benghazi

So will this third FAUX fail on "Benghazi! Benghazi!! Benghazi!!!" nothingburger end this sad and pathetic attempt to manufacture a scandal where one does not exist? What do you think. Rep. Dan Burton was never deterred pursuing his numerous "scandals" that never produced anything in Whitewater. The only thing he ever proved was that Bill Clinton got a blow-job from an intern and lied about it — and then failed to impeach him.

This is just how the right-wing noise machine sells its conspiracy theory entertainment of fear and loathing of anyone who is not a member of their conservative cult. It is an indictment of the corporate "lamestream" media that I can recall said it would not fall for this "Big Book of Scandal Mongering" during the Clinton administration in the 1990s ever again.

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