Following Last Night’s Debate, President Biden Resets and Strikes the Right Notes and Tone at a North Carolina Rally

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Coming off what he now admits was a poor performance in last night’s 2024 Presidential Debate, President Joe Biden came out swinging at a post-debate rally in North Carolina, acknowledging his missteps from yesterday evening and forcefully making the case for his reelection against 34-time convicted, sexual assaulter, liar in chief, and traitor Donald ‘I killed Roe v Wade’ Trump.

With chants of “four more years,” Mr. Biden said “I’m here in North Carolina for one reason. I intend to win this state in November…If we win here, we win the election.”

Biden continued by saying they would do this by enacting a progressive problem-solving agenda that includes:

  • “Standing up for the women of America.”
  • “To Restore Roe v Wade as the law of the land.”
  • “To stand up for the right to vote.”
  • “To stand up for Medicare and Social Security.”
  • “We’re going to fight for Child Care, Paid Leave.”
  • “Make the tax code fair.”
  • “We’re going to keep lowering the costs of prescription drugs not just for seniors but every single American.”
  • “We’re going to keep protecting the Affordable Care Act.”
  • “Protect our children and get the weapons of war off our streets.”
  • “Provide clean drinking water, high-speed internet, and quality education for every child in America.”
  • “Secure our border and protect legal immigration.”
  • “Unlike the other guy, we’re going to stand up to dictators like Putin. America bows to no one.”
  • “Keep dealing with the climate crisis.”
  • “Protect, preserve, and defend our Democracy.”

The President continued on the need to fight for the American Ideal, saying “That is what is at stake in America this election. Your freedom. Your Democracy. America itself is at stake.”

Pivoting to last night’s debate, Mr. Biden repeated one of his most praised lines of the event, saying he spent “90 minutes on stage debating a guy who has the morals of an alley cat.” He claimed that Trump “set a new record for lies told in a debate” and reminded the audience that his predecessor had laid “America flat on his back” thanks to his poor handling of the Coronavirus.

He also attacked Trump for lying about not saying he called veterans “losers” and suckers,” reminding the crowd that it was Trump’s own Chief of Staff that acknowledged his boss said it.

The President also brought up, like he did at last night’s debate, that “40 of his top advisors including the Vice President (Mike Pence) aren’t supporting him this time around.”

Mr. Biden also called out Trump’s lies about crime, noting that it was during the Biden/Harris Administration that “violent crime has hit a 50-year low.”

He also reminded the crowd that he said “that the only person on the stage” last night “that was a convicted felon was Donald Trump” with his 34 convictions and being found liable for sexual assault and business fraud.

While the supporters chanted, “Lock him up,” Biden called Mr. Trump “A one-man crime wave” and someone who “has no respect for women and the law.”

The President called Mr. Trump’s claim that “he had nothing to do with January 6 his biggest lie” and condemned him for “wanting to pardon all those criminals.” Later, he brought up that Trump, even after the moderators asking him the same question three times, would not say if he would accept the election results.

He also called attention to Trump saying “he was proud to have killed Roe v Wade” and “proud that politicians should make decisions about women’s health.” calling it “A nightmare.”

Mr. Biden berated Mr. Trump’s calls for a new tax cut for the wealthy and richest corporations at the expense of Medicare and Social Security while also raising taxes on working and middle-class individuals with new tariffs.

Saying “we’ve come a long way from the mess Donald Trump left us,” the President pointed out that “we have the strongest economy in the world” and acknowledged “we have more to do,” especially on further reducing inflation by tackling “corporate greed.”

The President also cited 15 Nobel Economic Laureates who said his fiscal plans would generate growth while Trump would spark rising inflation and a recession.

Mr. Biden closed with:

“I know I’m not a young man. I don’t walk as easily as I used to. I don’t speak as easily as I used to. I don’t debate as well as I used to.”

“But I know what I do know.”

“I know how to tell the truth. I know right from wrong. I know how to do this job. I know how to get things done. And I know like millions of Americans know. When you get knocked down, you get back up.”

“I know what it took to take our economy from the depths of the pandemic to where it is today, the strongest economy in the world. I know what it will take to bring this economy to everybody. I know what it’ll take to rally the world and stand up to Putin and defend freedom…”

With chants of the Obama phrase “Yes you can,” Biden sought to allay concerns about his abilities to perform, saying, “Folks, I give you my word…that I would not be running again if I didn’t believe with all my heart and soul I can do this job…the stakes are too high…”

He also went after his 34-time convicted and twice impeached predecessor, stating that:

“Donald Trump is a genuine threat to this nation. He’s a threat to our freedom. He’s a threat to our Democracy. He’s literally a threat to everything America stands for. He doesn’t understand…that America is the finest and most unique nation in the world…Donald Trump is motivated by revenge and retribution. Well, revenge and retribution never built a damned thing.”

He finished, with chants of “U.S.A, U.S.A.” in the background, by offering:

You and I are a Nation of hope, optimism, and possibilities. That’s what always built America. The choice in this election is simple. Donald Trump will destroy our Democracy. I will defend it…Donald Trump is the first President in American History that called America ‘a failing nation.’ Who the hell does he think he is?…I don’t know a President that wouldn’t trade places with America in a heartbeat. He’s dead wrong. America is not a losing nation. America is winning…We just have to remember who we are. We’re the United States of America. There’s nothing beyond our capacity when we act together.”

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3 thoughts on “Following Last Night’s Debate, President Biden Resets and Strikes the Right Notes and Tone at a North Carolina Rally”

  1. I have no doubt Joe can do the job, at least for now.

    I have no doubt, none, that he’d be 1,000,000 times better than convicted rapist and felon Donald J Trump,

    But the outdated and racist electoral college is where POTUS is decided, and what, there’s only like 80,000 votes that actually matter?

    Joe lost a lot of people in the first minutes of the “debate”. We turned it off after his first response.

    We can’t afford this shit.

    Biden’s support for fossil fuels and Israel has cost Dems a lot of younger voters. Younger folks have a very different future than most of us olds, and they blame old folks.

    Plus, WTF? We all thought Joe was a one and done guy. Shades of Jeff Flake.

    This has strong 2016 vibes. I voted for HRC but really, really didn’t like it.

    SCOTUS and RBG vibes. Feinstein vibes. Refusing to learn the lesson vibes.

    2016 cost women Roe, millions of jobs, our status on the world stage, and 400,000 avoidable American deaths. 400,000. Dead. Americans.

    Age is a problem, the stench of spin doctoring is all over anyone saying it’s not.

    Polls are 99% nonsense. This was a disaster.

    As for the DNC, is there a backup plan? Who’s on deck for 2028?

    Newsom ain’t the guy right now, California isn’t in play. Whitmer? Mayor Pete? Pete would have trashed convicted rapist and felon Donald J. Trump in that debate. Dems haven’t exactly been promoting Harris.

    I’ll vote the Dem, don’t worry, but not because I want to, and I’m not the guy anyone needs to convince.

    I’m not asking for “why” to vote for Biden. I know he’s done some great things.

    But I”m not one of those 80,000.

    You can’t spend years telling us convicted rapist and felon Donald J. Trump is a threat to America and the world and then wave off such a painfully clear risk.

  2. All the spin and all the personal attacks in the world and all of your excellent spin talents cannot cover up the simple fact that Joe Biden displayed to the entire country that he is in mental decline. However, I am with you in advocating that President Biden stay in the race.

    • John Government Checks Kavanagh has lots to say.

      None of it has anything to do with why his party’s ideas are better.

      Why is that?


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