Free Rural Action Summit and Voter Outreach Training for Progressives — Prescott on June 11

Do you want to help protect Democracy?

Do you want to help get the Democratic Party message out to voters in your neighborhood?

Would you like to receive free training on how to talk with voters at their houses and on the phone?

Would you like to help encourage more people to turn out and vote?

Would you like to meet Democratic leaders like Raquel Teran, Kathy Hoffman, Kris Mayes, Sandra Kennedy, Lauren Kuby, and Martin Quezada and hear how their ideas and proposals will benefit the people in neighborhoods across Arizona?

Would you like to meet more people that share the same goals for Arizona that you do?

If so, please come to the Rural Action Summit and Voter Outreach Training for Democratic Activists that will be held at Prescott Mile High Middle School on Saturday June 11, 2022 from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

A free training opportunity for activists, this event will help attendees learn how to:

  • Cultivate dialogue with your neighbors.
  • Encourage voter turnout and participation.
  • Maintain a consistent and focused message.
  • Conduct phone and direct voter canvassing.
  • Perform outreach through social media.

It is also an opportunity to meet five statewide leaders and hear their ideas of how to move Arizona forward and make the lives of your neighbors better.

Organized by the Yavapai Democratic Party, its Chair John Lutes commented:

“We’ve spent the entire year having live small meetings outside in places all over the county…Since we couldn’t have larger meetings because of COVID, we went all over the county and met people in their place which is the mistake I think people are not doing which is not meeting people in their place. We really had great response to that. In the course of doing that, we took our P.C. (Precinct Committee) person base from about 140 to 212. We’ve made a huge increase in the number of neighborhood activists and organizers and what this June 11 event is about is training our 60, 70 P.C.’s on how to activate their neighborhoods…Then we’re inviting the rest of the state from rural counties to train their activists too.”

 Jay Ruby, another leader with the Yavapai Democrats warned that “Democracy is on the line”
and offered, “We brought a bunch of new people in. How do we give them the tools to do direct voter outreach? It’s also addressing the fact that we basically had two years with the pandemic from 2020 and 2021 where there wasn’t a lot of direct voter outreach. This event is a way to reboot that activity…there can be some skill and technique and intention behind that so that you can be more successful and enjoy yourself when you are doing it (direct voter outreach.)”

Anyone from the rural communities in Arizona representing Democratic ideals is invited to attend the June 11 event.

Please click here to see the agenda and register to attend.