Get Togethers for Arizona

Activist burnout is real – so many of us worked our butts off up through November and beyond, that we certainly can be excused for wanting to relax and enjoy ourselves now that the pandemic is finally lifting.  People are planning vacations, not wanting to gear up for yet another battle.

Yet those who are trying to squeeze our state dry don’t rest, because the result is money in their pockets.  The budget that the GOP is trying to ram through this week is worth millions to wealthy individuals, never mind that it may bankrupt cities and undermine the hard-won gains teachers finally were promised last year by the voters. 

So what to do?  How to stay motivated through the in between times, when a lack of vigilance will result in a loss of all the things we fought so hard for?

Perhaps one way is to weave action into our social fabric, to build connection over things we want to do – eat together, have fun and create, while strengthening bonds and perhaps doing a bit of lobbying or outreach.

Arizona Blue Circle

The What’s Cookin’ platform is designed for exactly this.   One person can make an offer, to do something together; and when two people have a plan, more can join in.

Tuesday morning around 7am if you are near Cafe Luce on Campbell/River, drop by, have a chat and a coffee – and create a couple #NoFlatTax postcards.
Let Mary Welch know if you are up for a letter to the editor workshop, or Tamar Rala if you would head up to Oro Valley to collect recall signatures.  Then when you make a plan, share it with friends so they can join as well.  You can make offers too!

The lighter touch of pick-up politics can fit into our lives maybe better than the weight of a weekly meeting or running a committee.  And if nothing else, maybe we’ll make a few new friends who share deep values, who we can count on in a pinch. 

Which will come in handy, as if we don’t figure something out, the pinch is definitely coming!

Join the Arizona Blue circle at or just drop by Tuesday morning and lets tell the leg a thing or two!

(And of course you can do it from home as well!  #NoFlatTax postcards can be sent to


Representative Regina Cobb

This msg is for Governor Ducey too!

House of Representatives

1700 West Washington

Phoenix, AZ 85007

Senator David Gowan

This msg is for Governor Ducey too!

AZ State Senate

1700 West Washington

Phoenix, AZ 85007

Thanks Marlene Bluestein for the timely call to action!)