GOP sequestration hits counties with military installations the hardest

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As I pointed ou in a recent "Questions for Martha McSally," the "current threat to Davis-Monthan AFB is the GOP sequester, which Tea-Publicans insist on retaining in both the Continuing Resolution fight that has shut down the federal government, and in future budget negotiations." It is not the Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC) commission in 2015.

The Washington Post reports today, Federal
cuts cost $312.4 per person in military counties

The federal spending cuts that went into effect earlier
this year under sequestration are taking nearly twice the toll on
counties with military installations than on those without
, according to
a new analysis.

The analysis, conducted by the Financial Times and
the nonprofit Center for Public Integrity, found that in the 388 U.S.
counties with at least one military installation, sequestration has had a
per-capita impact of $312 dollars. In the more than 2,700 counties
without an installation, the impact was $171 per capita.

Financial Times/Center for Public Integrity map of sequestration’s impact.

The region with the highest per-capita hit was Los Alamos,
New Mexico, where nearly a fifth of the workforce is federally employed.
The per-capita impact of the cuts there is $6,359.

The hardest-hit counties are all over the country. In
Alaska, the Valdez-Cordova Census Area saw a per-capita impact
of $6,336. In Bryan, Georgia, it was $5,553. The per-capita effect of
sequestration was $4,581 in Geary, Kansas.

You can play around with the data on the Financial Times site.

See, The Center for Public Integrity, Sequestration nation: military communities feel nation's budget stress, by James Politi.

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