GOP Supervisors Vote to Allow Coronavirus to Spread

Dinosaur Republicans Steve Christy and Ally Miller voted against safety precautions.

Two GOP science-deniers on the Pima County Supervisors astonishingly voted against safety measures to protect residents from the pandemic. Republican Supervisors Steve Christy and Ally Miller in effect voted to let the deadly Cornonavirus spread.

We are fortunate that the Democratic majority — Chairman Richard Elías, Supervisors Sharon Bronson and Ramon Valadez — voted in favor of public safety. Their proclamation closes all bars, cinemas, theatres, gyms, bowling alleys and all other indoor entertainment centers, and limits all restaurant food service to carry-out and delivery only.

The order does not affect grocery stores, pharmacies, food banks, banks cafeterias inside hospitals, nursing homes or food vendors at Tucson International Airport.

Miller shockingly questioned why there was a need to declare a state of emergency. Miller said. “If we implement these draconian measures, how long before these businesses are forced into bankruptcy? Do we believe that is necessary at this point?”

Miller is being intentionally stupid. Bankruptcy is terrible, but it’s better than being dead or hospitalized by a highly-infectious virus. Democrat Bronson said the virus’ spread was “serious and real and we need to get real.”

Miller said the proclamation will “create complete panic.”

There is no panic. People are calmly sheltering in place, working or studying remotely, reading newspapers and books, watching Netflix, hiking trails and spending time with their kids or grandkids. We order takeout food from our favorite restaurants to keep them in business. We are calling on elderly neighbors to see if they need any help.

Republican Christy questioned why the county couldn’t follow the lead of Oro Valley, Marana and South Tucson, which “urge” and “advise” businesses to use social distancing, but do not require any serious action.

Hello? Marana and Oro Valley have issued similar orders closing bars, theaters, and gyms and limiting restaurants to take-out and delivery.

Tucson Mayor Regina Romero declared an emergency this week that closed places and limited restaurants to take-out and drive-thru service. Seven people in Pima County have tested positive for COVID-19. In Arizona, a total of 44 people have tested positive.

The county proclamation is “extremely harsh and draconian,” Christy said.

Christy apparently does not believe he can catch the virus or worse yet, be a carrier and infect you and me.

Steve Diamond, Democratic Candidate for Pima County SupervisorWhat can you say about the two anti-safety GOP Supervisors? My answer is to vote Steve Christy out — and vote for Democrat Steve Diamond — profiled here. Steve is running for Pima County Supervisor in District 4, bringing a labor-friendly, pro-environment and pro-local business approach to the office.

Rex Scott, left, and Jeff Farrell, candidates for County Supervisor in District 1.

Ally Miller, thankfully, is not running for re-election. Good riddance!

Two Democrats — Rex Scott and Jeff Farrell, both educators — are running for the District 1 seat. You can read about former school principal Rex Scott, profiled here. Farrell is a substitute teacher and has a Facebook page.

You should donate to your favorite Democrat, send emails supporting them and make phone calls to get them elected.


    • Right, when candidate Rex Scott spoke at Democrats of Greater Tucson on Feb. 24, his campaign manager mentioned your name and that Farrell had dropped out. Not sure if blogger Larry Bodine got that info.

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