GOP war on the unemployed: Governor signs mean-spiritied UI bill

Posted by AzBlueMeanie:

Buried in a report on another topic today by Howard Fischer in the Arizona Daily Star comes this bad news for the unemployed in Arizona. Brewer signs bill eliminating state AIMS test:

Separately, Brewer signed legislation altering laws on unemployment
benefits, shifting the burden to prove eligibility to those seeking
compensation when a company claims the person quit or is otherwise
ineligible. Until now, the burden has been on the employer to prove
someone should be denied a weekly check.

Brewer gave no reason for her decision.

The measure was approved by the Republican-controlled House and Senate on a party-line vote.

Brewer gave no reason, and the political media took little note of her action. As I have previously posted, this is a major change in unemployment insurance compensation to which an employee who loses his or her job through no fault of their own was presumptively entitled to receive benefits. That presumption at law has now been eliminated by mean-spirited Tea-Publicans who demonize the unemployed.

If employees now bear the burden of proof, then there needs to be a law that says employees are entitled to a copy of their employee file(s). No more protection for "proprietary
information." It's only fair.

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