GOPers heading for the exits, plot for 2016


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There are "tells" in every campaign when actions speak louder than the "we're going to win!" rhetoric, and signal a defeat. This week supporters of the GOP's alleged boy genius, Ayn Rand acolyte Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI), leaked to the media that their boy is making other plans for the next four years. The AP reported VP Ryan? Prof. Ryan? GOP nominee's future unclear:

If Paul Ryan loses his bid to become vice president, he is still a
man with options. The wonky chairman of the House Budget Committee is
one of the Republicans' best voices in explaining fiscal issues. Should
Mitt Romney's presidential bid fail, Ryan will be a much-sought-after
figure in political and business circles.

Even in failure, the 42-year-old Wisconsin native's best days might be ahead of him.

* * *

That could be through public education or lobbying, back in his day job
as a congressman or biding his time until a presidential run of his own.

* * *

Ryan's biggest boosters realize he probably can write his own ticket, win or lose on Nov. 6.

These Ryan allies spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss
private proposals they were preparing for him. They insist Ryan is not
worried about anything beyond the election and is not planning anything
except being a governing partner to Romney.

They say that if he fails, Ryan's instincts will be to return to the
House — he is running for re-election to his House seat at the same time
he's Romney's running mate — and resume his role as Budget Committee

Some senior Republicans caution it might not be that easy.

* * *

A return would make Ryan a leading target for Democrats. For the
next few years, Democrats would lay traps in legislation, forcing him
to take sides on measures that could come back to haunt him during a
presidential bid.

That is why some of Ryan's biggest boosters are considering whether
it wouldn't be better for Ryan to resign from the House. He could write a
book — "saving America" is a theme often bandied about — or teach at a

Oh, dear God. Two suggestions, Pauly: First, Ayn Rand deprogramming. Grow up! Second, get a real economics education, you intellectual fraud.

And then there is this from the disgraced former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, who is a Romney campaign surrogate. Gingrich email: Obama’s gonna win:


Yesterday, an email was sent out to the Gingrich email list informing
people that Obama was going to win and that it was time to start
looking at 2016.  Buh-bye, Mittens!

The email, titled “What’s really
at stake this Tuesday …” came from Gingrich Marketplace and went out to
people who’d given their contact information to the Gingrich campaign
when the former speaker of the House was still in the presidential race.
Bygone candidates, such as Gingrich and Herman Cain, regularly rent out
their email address lists to advertisers.

“The truth is, the next election
has already been decided. Obama is going to win. It’s nearly impossible
to beat an incumbent president,” advertiser Porter Stansberry wrote in
the email to Gingrich supporters. “What’s actually at stake right now is
whether or not he will have a third-term.”

2016 has already begun.

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