GOP’s conference committee gambit just another GOPropaganda PR stunt


Posted by AzBlueMeanie:

Just how bogus is the GOP's gambit to send the CR to a conference committee? It is just another GOPropaganda PR stunt. That's all they do. Steve Benen reports, Congressional Republicans debate empty chairs, lose:

GOPLosersAs a last-minute stunt, House Republicans, who've spent the last six
months refusing to enter budget negotiations with Democrats
, announced
late last night that they're ready for budget negotiations with
Democrats. Early this morning, GOP leaders selected the eight members they'd like to send to these negotiations, known as a "conference committee."

to form, Republicans chose eight middle-aged, far-right white guys,
most of whom are from the south. They then put the eight GOP lawmakers
in a conference room across from empty chairs, and tweeted the picture
in the hopes of making it appear that they, unlike those rascally
Democrats, are
"ready to negotiate."

And if there's one thing Republicans are good at, it's debating empty chairs, right Clint Eastwood?

case anyone is tempted to find this silly little picture/gambit
compelling, let's note a few relevant details Republicans desperately
hope you don't know.

1. Democrats pleaded with Republicans to enter budget talks for six months, but Republicans refused,
fearing such talks might lead to a compromise
. For GOP officials to
throw out the idea last night with literally less than an hour to go
before the shutdown deadline was cheap and childish, even by Republican

2. GOP leaders now say they're ready to "compromise," but only if they take away health care benefits, and only if Republicans don't have to accept any concessions. I've come to believe GOP lawmakers are genuinely, sincerely confused about what the word "compromise" actually means. I'm tempted to take up a collection and buy them all dictionaries.

Democrats have said they're prepared to participate in the conference
committee anyway if Republicans would only end the government shutdown.

if the eight middle-aged, far-right white guys want to stop losing a
debate to empty chairs and start governing, they should move past these
little stunts and turn the government's lights on.

And Democrats in Congress should be smart enough not to fall for voting for GOP PR stunts.