Gosar: cut federal spending on education

by David Safier

Find someone who uses the phrase, "Throw money at education," and you'll usually find someone who thinks public schools are getting way too much money, and school choice vouchers are the answer.

Rep-elect Paul Gosar, the new Republican congressman from Flagstaff, is one of those folks.

Incoming First District congressman Paul Gosar, a Doney Park Republican, told local high schoolers he would cut federal education subsidies if given the opportunity, in order to broadly reduce federal spending.

Responding to questions from a panel of students, Gosar told Coconino High School students there was no relationship between school spending and test scores, and that any money going to oversight of education at the federal level should be returned to states.


"When we throw money at education, something's not working. And so we've got to find a different way," he said, supporting competitive funding for schools that score in the top tiers academically.

That's the problem. Too damn much money in education. Starve the beast. Make schools lean, mean and hungry. Then they'll get those kids larnin'! Just watch those test scores skyrocket!

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  1. The people who complain about public education being a waste of money– and point to student test scores as evidence of waste and teacher incompetence– are forgetting the role poverty plays in educational attainment.