Gov. Brewer signs back-door assault on Citizens Clean Eelctions – let the lawsuits commence

Posted by AzBlueMeanie:

Governor Jan Brewer signed off on the Tea-Publican back-door asault on Citizens Clean Elections, House Bill 2593, Brewer signs bill ending limits on campaign giving, a bill which is unconstitutional and will result in promised lawsuits.

The bill is unconstitutional because the Clean Elections Act of 1998 was a citizens initiative, and any changes to voter-passed initiatives need a vote of three-fourths of each chamber of the Legislature under the Voter Protection Act (also a citizens initiatve). HB 2593 did not meet this three-fourths vote standard. This is a middle-finger salute from Tea-Publicans to the voters of Arizona who support Citizens Clean Elections.

While eliminating contribution caps for traditionally funded candidates, the Tea-Publican controled legislature did not increase the contribution and spending caps for Citizens Clean Elections candidates, eviscerating the purpose and intent of the Clean Elections Act of 1998. It is a transparent attempt to put Clean Elections candidates at a severe disadvantage and to kill Citizens Clean Elections by discouraging candidates from its use.

Let the lawsuits commence! Be sure to thank our lawless legislature and Gov. Brewer for pissing away your tax dollars on unnecessary litigation in pursuit of legislation they know is blatantly unconstitutional.

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