The Arizona Republican Party’s media arm, the Arizona Republic, reports today what we all already knew; kinda anti-climactic.  Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer announces she won’t seek another term in office:

Brewer-ObamaGov. Jan Brewer announced Wednesday she will not seek another term in office, an effort that would have required a long-shot court challenge to the state’s term limits.

“There does come a time to pass the torch of leadership,” Arizona’s Republican governor said. “After completing this year in office, I will do just that.”

Brewer made the announcement on her home turf, at Park Meadows Elementary School in Glendale, at an event attended by students and current and former Brewer staffers.

* * *

Park Meadows, the school her sons attended, is where Brewer’s interest in public office began, an interest sparked during a school board meeting in the same cafeteria she announced her retirement, she said.

* * *

Those in attendance included her former budget guru, Tom Manos; her son, Michael Brewer; and her current chief of staff, Scott Smith.

* * *

The long-awaited decision clears the way for Republican gubernatorial candidates to run for the seat during the 2014 midterm election, without her complicating the field.

Let the GOP Clown Car Primary begin!