Governor Brewer signs junk science bill affecting foster kids


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Governor Jan Brewer has signed Senate Bill 1108, a bill that would eliminate the requirement that foster families fully immunize their own children. See, When ideology endangers public health – call your state representatives. Even the the Arizona Republic editorialized against this bill. Junk science can harm foster kids.

Howard Fischer reports in Legislative briefs:

Brewer removes some foster care restrictions

Jan Brewer signed legislation Thursday to allow foster children to be
placed in homes with youngsters who are not immunized.

But how often that will actually occur remains in doubt.

measure by Sen. Nancy Barto, R-Phoenix, prohibits the Department of
Economic Security from requiring foster parents to immunize their
biological or adoptive children as a condition of being licensed as a
foster home.

It is designed to overturn what has been the policy
of the Department of Economic Security to avoid placements in homes
where other children have not been vaccinated against common childhood
diseases. Supporters said that is a luxury DES cannot afford, as there
are about 1,350 children in group homes because of the shortage of
qualified home placements.

Brewer, in signing the bill, said while
placement in a safe and loving home is important, the youngsters are
only in the state's care temporarily. "It is our duty to ensure they
remain healthy and safe."

So Brewer directed DES to implement a
policy to restrict placing younger children and infants in homes where
foster parents have not immunized their own children
. She said this
allows DES to continue to place foster children "in settings that are
most appropriate for each child."

Gov. Brewer essentially said "I'll sign your junk science bill, but I will place restrictions on your craziness for younger children and infants because damn, even I'm not that reckless and irresponsible."

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