5 thoughts on “Governor Hobbs Hit the High Notes in her Second State of the State Address”

  1. I was impressed the ABC15 survey showed 70+ percent graded her 1st year performance as A or B. The diehard MAGA morons couldn’t muster more than 23% failing grades. Now, let’s finish the job by electing Ruben Gallego and terminating Horne before the end of his term. Does he push ESA so hard because he’s getting kickbacks?

    • I think ideological convictions against public schooling is sufficient explanation for Horne’s zeal: I don’t think one need postulate corruption where there is no evidence to explain his behavior.

      • I’m with you on corruption. I can’t speak for anyone else, but I don’t have any direct evidence of that.

        On the other hand, corrupt or not, he’s a profoundly lousy human being.

        Just ask the many girlfriends he’s given taxpayer-funded jobs to.

        • Canadian born Tom Horne has a criminal history going back to the 1960’s and had the FBI following him around for awhile, so assuming he’s shady isn’t an ass-of-u-and-me situation.

          He’s famous for nooner’s with his mistress, has a long history of racist stuff, and speeding in school zones when he’s not doing hit and runs while sporting baseball caps.

          Why is it so many of these ideological creeps have shady histories?

          For the record, I usually like Canadians.

      • I’m just applying the rules promulgated by the fact-free GQP/GOP MAGAts. Make a fact free claim loud enough and often enough and it’ll be accepted as truth by a certain segment of the population. Until trump, I always “assumed” most people had a brain but I’ve been proven wrong too many times.

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