Green Valley Couple Loves Voting… a Bit Too Much


By Michael Bryan

Pols_feature3-1.jpg According to a Federal indictment and local news outlets, a Green Valley couple, James and Karen Marshall, voted once too often in the recent Presidential election. They re-registered as permanent Arizona citizens and voted here, but also voted in their old domiciliary state of Kansas. The couple claim it was a mistake, of course. I guess all those GOP accusations of ineligible voters hitting the polls are true.

Of course, I find this interesting only as yet another example of how the pot calls every other vessel in the kitchen (other than fellow pots) black. Odd how the Republicans always accuse liberal organizations and those dirty lower socio-economic class voters (who happen to be disproportionately voting Democratic) of individual voter fraud, but it always turns out to be affluent, highly mobile folks like the Marshalls and Ann Coulter who are actually caught doing such things.

Oh, didn't I mention that? Yes, the Marshalls are registered Republicans. I can't say for certain who they cast their four votes for, but I have a good guess.

So if you want to see the real face of individual voter fraud, show up at U.S. District Court in Tucson, on August 6, 2009 at 11:00 a.m., coincidentally in the court of U.S. Magistrate Judge Jacqueline Marshall, where the Marshalls are set to be arraigned. They face a maximum penalty of $250,000 and up to 5 years in prison.

Amazingly, I don't find any political contributions by either Karen or James during the 2008 cycle. You'd think that if they were passionate enough to risk their freedom to vote illegally they would pony up a few bucks to their favored candidates. After all, some well placed donations can likely have a much more profound impact on most races than an extra vote.


  1. The Freepers figured this couple must have been Democrats and have been raving about ACORN.

    Truth is, they’re well known Republicans from rural Kansas, living in a swank community in a south Tucson suburb. Their home is a block from the development’s own golf course.

    Neither election, in either Kansas or Arizona, were considered anything but safe Republican. Since 1949, Kansas voted for Democrats once (Johnson) and Arizona once (Clinton 1996).

  2. Let’s not forget that in 2004 Sproul and Associates was caught after a voter registration drive throwing the registration forms of voters who had registered Democratic in the trash in Nevada.

    Now I don’t condone this kind of thing no matter who is doing it (if we don’t trust our electoral system then we in effect can’t trust anything at all) but to see Republicans bashing ACORN (whose officials themselves alerted authorities in several cases of questionable registrations) given the long and sordid history of GOP voting irregularities is mind-boggling.

  3. Also:
    “Yesterday the Los Angeles Times reported on the Republican voter registration outfit who had allegedly been illegally changing thousands of registrations from Democratic to Republican.
    Last night the head of that GOP backed group, Mark Anthony Jacoby of Young Political Majors (YPM), was arrested by the California State Election Fraud Taskforce and the Oxnard Police.
    According to California Secretary of State Debra Bowen’s press release, Jacoby himself had committed voter registration fraud and perjury by lying on his own voter registration form. (That’s similar to what Ann Coulter did, though she not only committed felony voter registration fraud, she also committed actual voter fraud, as well, even though such fraud is exceedingly rare.)”

  4. My question is WHY the Marshall’s and NOT ACORN that is funded with 5 billion dollars of taxpayer money and well known for multiple registrations and voting?

    Is it because NOBAMA180 was a lawyer for ACRON?

  5. Mike.

    How dare you condemn the Marshalls for not contributing money to their favorite candidates! Haven’t they done enough by voting early and voting often? How many of us have risked our very freedoms for our political beliefs! The Marshalls are true and brave patriots.

    And I hope the judge throws the book at them. Because those are the laws the Marshalls fought for with their multiple votes. Or, to quote Baretta, played by Robert Blake on 1970s TV, “Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time.”