Health Care Horror Show: The ACA Nightmare Redux

Just when we thought the health care horror show was over, the presumptive Republican nominee is boasting a sequel worse than the original. On the 2024 campaign trail, the Polyester Cockwomble promises a real nightmare: he’ll destroy the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and, with it, the health care of over 40 million Americans. Because nothing says ‘Make America Great Again’ like making sure that everyone who is sick and tired of 45’s crapfest becomes sick and tired for realz.

DJT on Truth Social signals intent to kill ACA

Let’s review. In his first (and hopefully one-and-only) term, Cheet-o McNasty very nearly gutted the ACA. That’s right, we were on the brink of—that is, one vote away from—a health care apocalypse, and now this Traitor Tot is back like a drooling toddler, or more apt, a rabid dog, foaming at the mouth and more desperate than ever.

Gawd, why won’t this villain stay down? Come on, man! Spoiler alert: it doesn’t end well…for us. 

Now, the Bombastic Bawbag is openly campaigning on a promise (er…threat?) to:

  • Raise premiums and health care costs, because who doesn’t want to pay more for less?
  • Threaten health care for Americans with preexisting conditions. And why not? After all, MAGA adherents appear to think being sick is a character flaw. (heavy sigh)
  • Slash protections from catastrophic medical bills, because financial ruin is the Republicans’ new American dream for the little guy. You know, GOP cruelty is the point, right?
  • Extend wait times for quality care for seniors and people with disabilities, because to hell with our most vulnerable. Remember in 2020 when Texas Lt. Governor Dan Patrick claimed ”lots of grandparents” were cool with dying for the greater economic good? Yeah, that mindset still creeps me out.
DJT sells snake oil

Oh, the hilarity of the RepubliCONs so-called promise of a shinier, newer healthcare system. We’ve been hanging around, twiddling our thumbs, waiting. And, no one’s exactly jumping at the chance to ditch their current coverage on a wing and a prayer, hoping for something better… eventually. Or, let’s be real, possibly never.

Meanwhile, in the land of living presidents who actually do care about people, President Biden has accomplished the exact opposite. He’s bolstered the ACA, lowered premiums, made affordable health care more accessible, and capped the price of insulin at $35 for seniors. It’s like Dark Brandon wants to…OMG!…improve health care or something. Wow, so crazy! Yeah, I know!

The contrast couldn’t be clearer: President Biden and Vice President Harris continue to work to lower health care costs for families. Meanwhile, Donnie Dotard and The MAGA Minions side with insurance companies that want to artificially inflate health care costs and pocket the ill-gotten gain. Hmm. It’s like choosing between a real doctor and a guy who plays one on TV. 

So, as F**kface von Clownstick gears up for his health care Armageddon, it’s on us to figure out how to best share these issues with friends and family, work to get out the vote for Democrats, and ensure our health care doesn’t become another casualty of the hapless MAGA agenda. Sadly, in 45’s America, the ‘Art of the Deal’ means bargaining for survival…like health care.

No thank you, President Dumpster Fire. We’ll stick with the guy who doesn’t think health care should be a luxury item.

In the immortal words of… well, anybody with a brain: Let’s not do this again, America.


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