Health Care Town Hall with Giffords, May 26

by David Safier
Health care is one of the big national issues needing serious attention — one of the I-can't-count-that-high big national issues needing serious attention. Giffords, being one of the in-the-middle Dems, is going to have a significant impact on how the legislation plays out.

You can be part of the discussion by attending her Health Care Town Hall Tuesday, May 26, 6-8pm, Sahuaro High School Auditorium, 545 N. Camino Seco, Tucson, AZ (Westside of Camino Seco, between E. Speedway and E. Broadway). She requests an RSVP at 881-3588 by May 21, but I know she wants a big turnout, and the auditorium can hold plenty of people, so if you can't RSVP, show up anyway.

If you want to do your homework beforehand, here is her Health Care Page. The bullet points of her approach are to:

  • focus on high-quality and cost-efficient services, examining how the Veterans Health Administration and Medicare systems control administrative costs;
  • allow states the freedom to develop innovative models for universal coverage;
  • allow people over 50 to buy into Medicare before they retire;
  • study state models for examples of cost-savings measures that have worked, such as reducing paperwork and allowing governments to purchase medications in bulk; and
  • allow the importation of high-quality affordable prescription drugs from other countries.

0 responses to “Health Care Town Hall with Giffords, May 26

  1. David Safier

    I’ll give you this, Nobama. You stayed on topic. That’s all I’ll give you, but I’ll give you that.

  2. The Giffords HEALTHCARE PAGE is a downright LIE and I call on her to prove the lies she is telling to our constituents!

    STOP The Lies Giffords and stop feeding us CRAP GIFFORDS!!

    Who do you think we are?

    We are not your illegal alien employees at El Campo Tire who regularly beat up American Citizens because of faulty service and defrauding contracted services from Holmes Tuttle Ford!

    Don’t push me on this Giffords or I will tell the story that will destroy your little Congressional pipedream you have sold to us!

  3. David; take a look at who contributed to the (4) four million dollars to the Giffords Campaign and tell me she is not bought and paid for by lobbyists who will make billions from a redistribution of wealth from the private sector insurance HMO”s and Insurance Companies to her friends in the medical business and investment bankers of whom she was a broker; also from large lawfirms who will make billions from this scheme to defraud the American Taxpayer and not only control our money and what we earn but our bodies as well to the extent of IF and WHEN Giffords sees fit if we deserve treatment or not because of NATIONAL HEALTHCARE RATIONING of SERVICES AND DOCTORS; who are getting the hell away from Medicare right now by the thousands!!!

  4. Giffords is NOT a “middle” Democrat what ever the hell that is!

    The redistribution of wealth and taking control of everyones body by mandating everyone MUST sign on to this fraud is not taking “Middle” ground it was tried in Europe and Canada and England and is a complete failure as dirty hospitals and waiting lines for treatment , if you can get it is the norm.

    Yhis Giffords Freak is a LIAR like Obama and can’t remember campaign promises as pointed out by Francine in the past?

    Now Francine thinks she is the greatest thing since voting for the Kenyan President who can’t stop saying I-I-I-I-I-I-I!!!!

    I recieved an E-mail from NOBAMA saking for my support by e-mailing freaks like Giffords , because “my Mother had cancer and was worried about her insurance paying the bills?”

    What the hell is going on here fellow communists and socialists ; since when do we fix a problem by destroying a system that insures 85% of the people to insure 15% of the people who are either illegal aliens;people between jobs who are on medicare anyway; and families who earn over $80,000 dollars a year who choose to pay there own insurance?

    Lets work on the 15% insured before we insure the 85% who already have insurance through a Federal Nobama mandated -I-I-I-I-I-I- insurance from the Kenyan President and his disgusting little LIAR Giffords!

  5. Francine Shacter

    As a Federal employee (Congressperson), Gabby has the best medical plan around. Kerry, when he ran in ’04, supported extending this plan to everyone. As a Federal Government retiree, I am covered under this plan. When I go to the Dr. and he wants to know if he can conduct a test and asks me if my insurance covers it, I used to answer “If George Bush can do it, so can Francine Shacter”. And I believe that is as it should be. We are one United States of America and it is foolish to talk about state-developed plans. It is way past time to stop diddling around with this important issue. Meade is right and I think we need to all attend her forum and share with her our views! Respectfully and firmly!!!

  6. She wants to “allow the states freedom to develop innovative models for universal coverage.” And she represents Arizona, the state wherein the legislators major concern is the “taxpayer”, not the health, education or welfare of its citizens? The only way to achieve “universal health care” is through a national plan, a single-payer national plan, in which all are enrolled.