House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and her Democratic colleagues unveiled a “100 Day Action Plan to Put The Middle Class First” on Wednesday, outlining legislation they would push if Democrats regained control of the House. Middle Class Jumpstart:

House Republicans’ flawed priorities have stalled middle class opportunity while consistently stacking the deck for wealthy special interests.

Instead of tax incentives to create good paying jobs to “Make It In America,” they give tax favors to corporations that ship jobs overseas.

Instead of allowing college students to refinance staggering student debts, they protect bank profits.

Instead of passing legislation to ensure women receive equal pay for equal work, they support putting bosses in charge of women’s health freedoms. They even threatened to shut down the government to stop women from accessing Planned Parenthood.

It’s time for a Congress that puts you ahead of the special interests.

Within 100 days of a Democratic House Majority, we will pass bold, concrete initiatives to jumpstart the middle class and those working to get into the middle class. Our three-pronged plan will grow the middle class with good jobs, support for women and education that is more affordable and accessible for working families.

House Democrats: Putting the middle class above the special interests.

House Republicans are stacking the deck for the wealthy and their special interest friends at the expense of middle class families.  In the first 100 days of 2015, a Democratic House Majority will act to put the middle class first.


  • Republicans voted to give tax breaks to companies that ship American jobs overseas
  • Democrats will introduce the “21st Century Make It In America Act” to provide tax incentives for creating good-paying jobs here at home
  • Republicans blocked legislation to make long-term investments in our nation’s aging highway system and opposed creating clean energy jobs of the future
  • House Democrats will pass the “Build America Bonds Act” to boost job growth and modernize America’s infrastructure by building roads, bridges, broadband technology and investing in clean energy initiatives – paid for by closing corporate tax loopholes
  • Republicans refused to raise the minimum wage but gave massive tax giveaways to corporate special interests and the ultra-wealthy
  • House Democrats will pass the “Fair Minimum Wage Act” and the “CEO/Employee Pay Fairness Act” to deny CEOs the ability to claim tax deductions for pay over $1 million unless they give their employees a raise


  • House Republicans refused to ensure equal pay for equal work, and voted to reduce access to child care and against paid sick leave
  • House Democrats will pass the “Paycheck Fairness Act” to guarantee both women and men get equal pay for equal work, pass the “Healthy Families Act” to ensure paid sick leave for men and women, and increase access to affordable child care
  • House Republicans voted to weaken domestic violence laws that protect women and voted to defund Planned Parenthood
  • House Democrats will strengthen the “Violence Against Women Act” and will expand women’s access to comprehensive health care and family planning


  • House Republicans voted to pile more debt on the backs of students and families by preventing Americans from refinancing their student loans and by voting to cut Pell Grants
  • House Democrats will pass the “Bank on Students Emergency Loan Refinancing Act” to help Americans refinance their college loans to new, lower rates, and will increase access to Pell Grants for higher education
  • House Republicans voted to limit access to quality early childhood education
  • House Democrats will pass the “Strong Start for America’s Children Act” to increase access to effective early childhood learning