6 thoughts on “(UPDATED) House Democrats Get ESA Oversight Committee; Budget Passes That Chamber and Heads to the Governor’s Desk”

  1. How about a budget “hammered out” in a publc meeting so we can all see who wants what, and not the typical Repub produced budget, rammed down everyone’s throat. Repubs always want tax cuts for the rich, government subsidies for religious schools (inspite of voters consistently saying No!), with no accountability of course, cuts in all regulations except for more regulations on women, all voters and public school districts. And more freedom for guns than humans. For John, transparency for everyone but him.

  2. I did not even imply that. Just making sure your readers get facts and not spin.

    Which reminds me that the side deal between Speaker Toma and Rep. Cano did not create an ESA oversight committee. The committee will look into ways that oversight might be accomplished in the future. Big difference.

  3. Almost all of the additions to the budget that Cano is giving the Democrat legislators credit for achieving was already in the budget negotiated between the legislative Republicans and the governor. Nothing but spin and unbelievable spin at that.

    • Well, if our own local (bad at) spin-master John Government Checks Kavanagh says this is spin, it must be spin!

      Nobody knows spin like JGCK!

      Hey, you know who doesn’t need any spin?


      Raices provides free or low cost legal help to immigrants, just like the ones in John’s bible that Jesus says we need to welcome here!

      I’m sure Raices appreciates all the money JGCK helps raise, because with the events unfolding at the border right now, they’re going to be busy.

      Thanks John Government Checks Kavanagh for helping spread the good news!

    • So you are saying Democrats should have all voted against it? I’m down with that. I would be fine with you guys having to be there all summer trying to hammer out a better compromise.

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