Howard Fischer dissembles for Prop. 122


Howard Fischer of Capitol Media Services purports to be an objective news reporter. But as everyone here at Blog for Arizona has pointed out on numerous occasions, Fischer is frequently a water carrier for GOP talking points. Today he crosses over into full advocacy on behalf of Prop. 122 in the Arizona Daily Star. Proposition might ease access to child-abuse files.

This is not at all what Prop. 122 is about.

Arizona’s most respected news reporter, Brahm Resnik of News 12, recently examined Prop. 122 in his “Insider” segment. Link to video:


It might be the most misleading campaign mailer you will see this election year. It is our “Prop Watch.” This Prop. 122 mailer wants you to believe it’s all about protecting this poor little girl from abuse. But the signs and the Voter Guide say it’s about “keeping Washington off of our backs.” So, which it? Let’s ask someone who tries to protect children like these.  (h/t image: The Arizona Republic).


[Clip] Dana Wolfe Naimark, Children’s Action Alliance:Frankly, the campaign is playing political games. And they’re using kids to play political games. It’s very disappointing.”


But that’s not all. Then there is this odd handshake between Prop. 122 and Prop. 303 signs. Prop. 303, the initiative, would let patients get experimental medications. The connections? Both props have links to the Goldwater Institute. Say, I have an idea: Prop. 122/303: get Washington off our backs by giving Congress some untested drugs. (h/t image: Random Musings).

For those of you who tossed your “What’s on My Ballot?” Arizona General Election Guide from the Secretary of State, it is posted online. Ballot Propositions & Judicial Performance Review. Click through the headings to Arguments For Proposition 122 (.pdf).

The person behind this Tea Party temper tantrum against the federal government is Scottsdale millionaire Jack Biltis, who tried to get a similar measure, the “Checks and Balances Amendment” initiative, on the ballot in 2012 but failed to collect enough signatures. As with all bad public policy ideas, the “Kochtopus” Death Star, the Goldwater Institute is also behind it. Theirs are the first two arguments “for” this measure in the Voter Guide, followed by a who’s who of Tea-Publican politicians in Arizona, including gubernatorial candidate Doug Ducey.

Prop. 122 is unconstitutional, and if enacted, will be struck down by the courts. I previously posted a legal analysis. Prop. 122 proponents exploit children to mislead voters on unconstitutional ballot measure. I stand by the conclusion to my post:

The Tea-Publican supporters of Prop. 122 — the long discredited doctrines of interposition, nullification and secession — are undeserving of your vote. They are violating their oath of office by supporting an insurrection against the U.S. government. SCR1016 passed the Senate on a party-line 16-12 vote (2 not voting). And the bill passed the House on a party line 36-23 vote (1 not voting) to put this measure on the ballot.

This is why Arizona is the favorite subject of late night comedians.

If Howard Fischer wants to write advocacy pieces for the Goldwater Institute now that his public relations gig with Governor Jan Brewer is coming to an end, he should shut down Capitol Media Services and go to work directly for the Goldwater Institute. It is the only ethical thing to do.

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