By Craig McDermott, cross-posted from Random Musings

It can be tough to single out a solitary Arizona legislator whose hypocrisy is greater than that of his/her colleagues, but the infamous Sen. Sylvia Allen served this one up like a BP fastball.

She’s infamous for things like pronouncing that mining uranium on the Navajo reservation and elsewhere in Arizona is OK because the Earth is 6000 years old and is doing just fine and for opining that American society doesn’t do enough to benefit the wealthy.

Recently, she added to her dubious legend by running a bill to help her son-in-law out of trouble of his own making (he was working as a detention officer at the Navajo County jail and was accused engaging in inappropriate sexual behavior by multiple female inmates).

Which is all bad enough, but with the likes of Allen, “enough” never is.

As can be seen in the video here, at Tuesday’s meeting of the Senate Appropriations Committee, she offered her idea that the lege consider (and presumably pass) a bill to mandate church attendance for everybody, in the interest of combating what she perceives as America’s moral decline.

As someone who tries to use her elected position to benefit a family member yet uses that the platform afforded to her by that elected position to bemoan everybody else’s moral decline, she easily earns distinction as the lege’s biggest hypocrite.

Very easily.


While Sen. Allen, later in her remarks, concedes that such a bill is unlikely to come before the lege, this lege has never let the letter or spirit of the US Constitution get in the way of something that it wants to do, so don’t be surprised to see this crop up in some form next year.

With that in mind, some preparatory ordination might be in order.

Introducing the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster. 🙂

Note: the full meeting video is available on the lege’s website here.  Look for the video of Senate Appropriation, dated 3/24/2015.  Her spouting off starts at approximately at the 1:26:18 mark.