I Was Wrong Wrong Wrong

By Michael Bryan

I admit it. I was wrong. It happens. More often than I'd like to acknowledge. My wife calls it my magical thinking mode. Ironic that I accused GOP commenters of it. I tend to give the voters credit for rational thought and knowing their self-interest. I've got to stop doing that. Last night was a victory for fear over reason, lies over truth, and slogans over substance. Ever it has been; ever it will be.

I would have never, ever guessed – even last night – that CD 8 and 7 could be so close. I would never have guessed that voters would give the GOP a resounding victory in the U.S. House. I would have never guessed that Arizona voters would give the GOP super-majorities in both Arizona legislative chambers and every state-wide office after their recent handling of the economic down-turn. 

I would have never guessed that voters would empower the very party that is at the root of their current dissatisfaction with the tone of American politics and the current economic stagnation.

If there is any bright spot in this debacle (and I'm pretty sure there is none) it may be that the GOP will now be required to produce results for America instead of just filibustering everything and impeding all progress. Now they are in the boat with us and have to take up an oar.

Or not. I'm not even going to try to guess.

3 responses to “I Was Wrong Wrong Wrong

  1. @BruceJ
    You are so very right-on about everything. Unfortunately. I am done crying about what happened in my own state on Tuesday.

  2. Well, first…not even half the voters in this state could be bothered to get off their lazy asses and vote. Turnout was 43%

    Secondly, the GOP doesn’t have to produce results.


    The Dems accomplished a hell of a lot for the American people in the last four years and got obliterated for their troubles. All we’re going to get from the Goopers is government shutdowns, endless showtrial hearings and impeachment attempts, and in the holy Name of Bipartisanship the D’s will probably go right along with them, because as a mass they’re just too damned chickenshit to stand up to ’em.

    Rand Paul was uncharacteristically candid in his acceptance speech “We all either work for rich people or sell things to rich people.” He made it clear who our masters are.

    They just bought the US government. We’re just their serfs now. You don’t REALLY think that anything is going to get done, do you? That would be a waste of money, money better put to use buying solid gold bathroom fixtures.

    They want to strip us of our healthcare, our social security. They’re done looting the Treasury and robbing the poor, now the 1%-ers have their eyes on the rest of us. They’re simply stealing homes, embezzling our investments, defrauding us right and left, and no one is standing up to them.

    They’ve proven over and over and over that they can do WHATEVER they want to us, and we’ll go on listening to Limbaugh and Beck and Hannity and the rest of the millionaire’s-club Republican Puke Funnel feed us whatever lies they decide will best keep the proles energized against their own interests.

    Boehener is talking about “Our way or the highway” and Obama is fatuously blithering about “…a new pragmatism and bipartisanship.”

    He’s bringing a goddam squirt gun to a firefight…again.

    The Local R’s WANT Arizona to be a third-world hellhole. They WANT to be able to pay miners $5 a day to go die in their mines so they get an extra 1% profit. They love it when 5-Star Joe feeds prisoners on a dollar a day and puts them in a camp that more closely resembles a Japanese POW camp than a jail. They get their rocks off on that stuff.

    We’re ruled by people who hate us.

    They want all our schools to resemble Albania’s because they hate education.

    Ignorant proles are MUCH easier to lead by the nose.

    They ESPECIALLY hate it when brown children get into schools, which is why we approved the White Male Natural Superiority proposition 107.

    Of course the whole country will get the shaft when the rest of the world passes us by BUT THEY DON’T CARE.

    “I got MINE, Jack, f*ck off!” is their ONLY philosophy, guiding principle and motto. When pure sociopathic narcissism is your creed, it’s simple to just let everyone else die.

    Running the country into the ground is a WIN for them and their plutocratic overlords. THEY won’t suffer.

    rant over for now…

  3. I’m waiting for the Republicans to wise up and realise that us blue voters down here in Pima County don’t mind paying taxes for actual government services, so they’ll introduce a county surcharge tax to allow us to helpfully pay off those revenue shortfalls by way of property tax increases to get that state budget balanced. I figure its the one way to drive every liberal out of the state so they can realise their libertarian paradise dreams.

    Otherwise, we have to wait on the New Tinmes to find some sort of smoking gun that links Gov. Jan, Sen Pearce and the private prison industry and illegal payoffs to wake up the folks in the state again. I’m not holding my breath for that, I think Pearce is a bit more savvy than Fife was.