Il Duce roadtrip down the highway to hell


Screenshot-17Our governor, Il Duce, is taking a road trip around Arizona in his “Opportunity Express” RV to tout his first 100 days in office.

Seriously? An RV?

Call your buddy John McCain. I’m sure his “straight talk express” bus is available for the right price. Or call your buddy Willard “Mittens” Romney. Maybe he will let you borrow his “etch-a-sketch express” bus for the week.

This “express” bus thing is something that presidential candidates do, not some tinhorn governor dictator. Il Duce’s first 100 days in office have been nothing to celebrate. He is not comparable to the First 100 days of Franklin D. Roosevelt’s presidency.

The Arizona Capitol Times (subscription required) reports, Ducey calls budget, education, business highlights of first 100 days:

Before boarding his “Opportunity Express” RV on Wednesday to celebrate his first 100 days in office, Gov. Doug Ducey said he has provided “100 productive days of promises kept.”

Ducey said that includes expanding school choice for tribal communities, improving education, having Apple agree to build a data command center in Mesa and wrapping up the legislative session sooner than usual.

“Of course our biggest accomplishment, and the hardest part of this job this past year, was passing the budget,” he said at an event outside the State Capitol.

Ducey also touted laws that he said will help businesses like Uber and Lyft thrive in Arizona and expand opportunities for microbreweries.

“Looking back on these past few months we have every reason to be optimistic,” he said.

Ducey said the Legislature was able to get done everything that he hoped it would.

“Although a lot of people talk about how quick the session was, I did think it was what we laid out in the State of the State and in the inauguration,” he said. “I feel good about the session; I think it was a good start.”

Wow. That’s setting the bar low for what Il Duce considers a success. What he is spinning as “success’ was a disaster to most observers.

Rep. Eric Meyer, D-Paradise Valley, the House minority leader, said he doesn’t share Ducey’s positive outlook on the past 100 days.

“When you look at what we did, we cut funding for education both at the K-12 and university level, we cut funding for health care, we took food away from the neediest kids in our state,” he said. “So there aren’t a lot of good things to talk about from my perspective.”

Meyer called the 81-day legislative session “disorganized and bad for the state,” leaving rushed lawmakers voting on bills they didn’t have enough time to understand.

“Just because we did something quickly, doesn’t mean we did it well,” he said.

Il Duce is taking this state on a roadtrip down the highway to hell.

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  1. Il Duce, bought and paid for minion of the Koch Brothers and the Arizona Taliban. He is living in some parallel universe of unreality.

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