Illegal robocalls being made in Pima County Bonds Election


Screenshot from 2015-10-14 13:33:35Yes on Pima County Bonds has issued an alert regarding robocalls being made to cell phones. This is a violation of federal law. If you have/are receiving this robocall, you can file a complaint. If you receive one of these robocalls to your cell phone, stay on the phone until you get the “paid for by” legal disclaimer, probably at the very end of the call. I have heard from two people who did not stay on long enough to get this information.

Here is the email alert from Yes on Pima County Bonds:

You may have recently received a “robocall” from the opponents of the Pima County Bonds. We are hearing from our supporters that they are receiving these call on their mobile phones. Aside from the misinformation in these calls, it is illegal to make political robocalls to cell phones without the recipient’s prior express consent. You can click here for information from the FCC about this potentially illegal campaign activity.

Campaigns that engage in this activity are subject to penalties of up to $16,000 for EACH violation. In addition to the fines that regulators may seek, federal law also gives affected individuals the private right to pursue litigation in state court for an injunction and to sue to recover $500 in damages for each violation (or the amount of actual monetary loss, whichever is higher).  If the court finds that the defendant willfully or knowingly violated the law or related regulations, the court may award up to 3 times that amount, up to $1,500 per violation to the individual, or 3 times the amount of their actual monetary loss. Here is the link to the Telephone Consumer Protection Act which spells all of this out. 

If you are receiving these illegal calls to your mobile phone, you can contact the FCC directly and file a complaint. Click here to do so. Send us an email when you do that and let us know.

Be assured, the YES on Pima County Bonds campaign will not engage in this type of campaigning.

But this recent development underscores the importance of us talking to our friends, neighbors, business associates and family about the importance of the Pima County Bonds. There are those in our community who would rather put their petty and extreme political agendas ahead of investing in the future of our community.

The Yes on Pima County Bonds Team


  1. “…robocalls being made to cell phones. This is a violation of federal law.”

    Since Google forced me to give up my cell phone number (for my own security, of course), I get robocalls from capitalists all the time on my cell phone.

  2. I have filed a complaint with the FCC re Revitalize Tucson’s robocall. I’ve received two, but only saved the first one, re Paul Cunningham being a sexual predator. I found the allegations to be not only gut-wrenching but not descriptive of his known issue in the past. I’m also on the Do Not Call list and I found this to be extremely violative.

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