Over the last five days, the Katie Hobbs Gubernatorial Campaign has released two new ads demonstrating the Democratic Nominee’s understanding of the struggles many working and middle-class people go through every day and her solutions to help make life easier for Arizona families.

The first one, “When I drove for Uber” shows the Arizona Secretary of State telling viewers about the struggles her family had to endure in 2016 to make ends meet.


In the segment, Secretary Hobbs said that while making $24,000 a year in the State Legislature in 2016, her family “was struggling to make ends meet and I drove for Uber.”

She continued, saying, “Like many Arizonans, I did what I had to do to provide for my family…It was hard to struggle financially and I never wanted my kids to worry but when you’re a parent, you do whatever is necessary to put food on the table and pay the bills.”

The Secretary then conveyed her empathy for those that are struggling with rising costs like groceries, gas, and housing offering, “I know first hand how hard it is to make ends meet. That’s why when I put out my Affordable Arizona Plan that will save parents money…I know just how much those extra dollars mean to people and when I’m Governor, I’ll never forget that…”

Hobbs concluded by stating, “In 2016, I did what I had to do for my family and as your Governor, I’ll do the same for yours.”

In the second ad, called “Solutions Can’t Wait,” the campaign and the Arizona Democratic Party briefly outline the main features of Secretary Hobb’s Affordable Arizona Plan.

In the ad, the narrator points out that the Hobbs plan would:

  • Cut taxes for 800,000 Arizonans.
  • Eliminate the sales tax on diapers, school supplies, baby formula, and medicine.

The ad concludes with Secretary Hobbs talking to the people, saying:

“Arizona!. These solutions can’t wait and I have a plan. Let’s get to work.”

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