What was that announcement today at the White House?

Please watch the full spectacle below. It starts a little after 45.40


Did anyone notice that the White House staff had it choreographed where it looked like he was coming out of the light like a gift from God?

He had his Generals (who, sorry to write, looked like Brown Shirts) standing behind him.

During his presentation, he repeated that the intelligence justified the strike against Suleimani, saying he posed an imminent threat for Americans.

There appears to be some question on that as House Democrats (and apparently Republicans like Senator Mike Lee,) after a briefing from the Administration, were unconvinced that the intelligence showed the need for the targeted killing.

The 2016 Popular Vote Loser then blamed Barack Obama and his policies for bringing about the events of the last several weeks. He even accused Obama of giving the money to the Iranians to purchase the missiles they launched at the Iraqi Air Bases lat night.

This is outright false and has been consistently debunked by various fact checks by outlets like CNN and the Associated Press.

You are to blame for this mess Mr. President.

Barack Obama did not pull out of the Iranian Nuclear Treaty that was working.

Barack Obama did not institute a maximum pressure campaign that only intensified the powder keg in the region.

Iran has abandoned the Nuclear Treaty since the targeted killing of Suleimani. That is because of Mr. Trump.

Resources have been diverted from combatting the remnants of I.S.IS. That is because of Mr. Trump.

The wish to expel American forces from Iraq has gained in popularity among Iraqi’s. That is because of Mr. Trump.

The 2016 KKK endorsed candidate then had the nerve to say that the parties to the Iranian Nuclear Treaty (again the one that was working that Trump broke) needed to negotiate a new treaty.

He also said that N.A.T.O. member nations (the ones whose leaders were mocking him at their last summit causing the great dealmaker to fly away pouting) needed to do more in the Middle East because of the United States, under “his” leadership is now independent of foreign oil.

Again, while this independence is somewhat true, this trend to the United States becoming independent of foreign oil began in (wait for it) the Obama Administration and its record investments in alternative energy technologies like wind and solar.

Thankfully, both sides seem to be deescalating. Fortunately, Iranian missiles did not hurt anyone in their attack last night.

Like North Korea, this President has mishandled a foreign policy situation, this time in Iran, and made it a crisis.

He is not even man enough to admit he created this mess. Instead, he blamed his predecessor and his policies (again the ones that were working.)

This country needs a leader who will act in America’s interests and not his personal ego.

November 3 is 300 days away.

The American People need to change course that day.

Featured Image from ABC 7 New York