Infrastructure Week in Tucson

The last seven days may truly be called “Infrastructure Week” in Tucson.

On January 11, 2022, Tucson Mayor Regina Romero, accompanied by several local dignitaries, helped celebrate the installation of an electric charging station at the Hotel Congress.

Commenting on this advancement in Tucson’s Electric Vehicle Readiness Road Map Initiative, Mayor Romero posted on social media:

A day later (January 12, 2022,) the Mayor, along with leaders of Tucson Water and the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality and others attended the grand opening of the Central Tucson PFAS Project Groundwater Treatment Pilot Demonstration. This installation will help remove PFAS, a profound environmental and health/safety issue in the Tucson area, from local groundwater and restrict its movement to regional wells.

Commenting in a press release, Mayor Romero wrote:

“I am grateful for this collaboration with ADEQ to continue protecting our region’s long-term water security. The Central Tucson Project Groundwater Treatment Pilot Demonstration Remedy is an important piece of infrastructure to protect our drinking water. We are all too aware of the painful history of water contamination issues in our region, especially those impacting disadvantaged communities. As Mayor, my commitment is twofold: One, to ensure that our residents continue to have clean drinking water. And two, to make sure city taxpayers and ratepayers are not stuck holding the tab for a problem created by the federal government…I want to thank our Congressional Delegation for all of their efforts to secure federal dollars to fund PFAS remediation, including in the recently passed Bipartisan Infrastructure Law.”

01.12.22 PFAS Press Release

ADEQ Fact Sheet

On social media after the event, the Mayor posted:


Finally, the Department of Transportation announced the names of bridges that would receive funding for maintenance and repair under the Bipartisan Infrastructure Plan.

Mayor Romero posted:

The last seven days can be called “Infrastructure Week” in Tucson.