January 2024 Has Seen Many Positive Developments for Phoenix

From Phoenix Mayor Kate Gallego’s Twitter Account.

The first month of 2024 has seen Phoenix, building on the achievements from the last few years, make many advances to help move the city forward and lift its residents up.

On January 9, the Phoenix City Council passed a prevailing wage measure that will mandate construction workers on city projects earn a fair wage.

On this event, Phoenix Mayor Kate Gallego posted on social media:

On January 22, 2024, the Mayor and other dignitaries hosted an event at Sky Harbor Airport that saw the announcement of direct flight services from Phoenix to Paris, France.

On that same day, the federal government announced the approval of a $95 million infrastructure grant to widen the I-10 highway between Phoenix and Tucson.

On January 24, the city announced it had started a chilled water fountain pilot program.

On that same day, the Mayor and City Council announced that they were applying for a Climate Pollution Reduction Grant, courtesy of the Inflation Reduction Act, which could provide up to $500 million in helping to improve air quality.

They will also apply for an Environmental Protection Agency Grant to develop a local conservation corps.

On January 25, the Mayor announced new apprenticeship and workforce development programs to strengthen the local microchip and semiconductor industries and labor force.

On January 26, the city instituted a new Community Court program to aid homeless residents get back into affordable housing.

On January 27, light rail service expanded into Metro Center in Northern Phoenix.

On January 29, the city launched the Phoenix Public Library Bookmobile Program.

On January 30, the city started a ten-week pilot program, called Project Reduce, to devise methods to minimize food waste.

Thanks to the strides the fifth-largest city in the country has made in the last few years and this month, Phoenix was recently ranked number one in manufacturing growth across the nation.

The city also earned a platinum certificate from What Works Cities.

Mayor Gallego’s efforts and talents have also earned her two national appointments this month.

First, she was chosen to join the Department of Transportation’s Transforming Transportation Advisory Committee.

On January 18, the Mayor was appointed to serve the next two-year term as President of the Democratic Mayors Association.

Commenting on her new appointment, Mayor Gallego stated:

“We must work together to solve the most impactful issues our residents face — from public safety and the affordable housing crisis to sustainability and more. I’m determined to grow our national presence as President of DMA and committed to show voters across the nation that Democratic mayors are highly effective in delivering for cities.”

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