A day after Donald Trump lied, lied, and lied again to a group of undecided voters at a Townhall in Philadelphia about his handling of the Coronavirus, masks, vaccines, and other topics, 2020 Democratic Presidential Nominee and former Vice President Joe Biden gave a speech on the vaccination and distribution plan he is considering should he assume the Presidency in January 2021.

Biden goes after Trump

As is customary when he speaks to the people and reporters, Biden started his speech bu going after Donald Trump. This time he concentrated on the lies and misinformation the Liar in Chief spread at a town hall hosted by ABC News with undecided voters from Philadelphia.

Biden went after Trump for:

  • Misinforming the public about the severity of the COVID 19 Pandemic.
  • Mocking the importance of wearing masks.
  • Not taking responsibility for his part in how the pandemic was handled.
  • Denying the science to the people.
  • Not having a national plan to get the country out of the emergency.
  • Saying the virus will go away on its own.
  • Not protecting the American People.
  • Giving false hope on the promise of quick production and distribution of the vaccine.

The Democratic Presidential Nominee said that if Donald Trump says a vaccine for the Coronavirus is ready and safe, he would not, based on the President of Betrayal’s 24,000 lies, believe him.

Biden said:

“But scientific breakthroughs don’t care about calendars any more than the virus does. They certainly don’t adhere to election cycles, and their timing, their approval, and their distribution should never, ever be distorted by political considerations. They should be determined by science and safety alone…I’m more hopeful than ever in the power of science to get us there. One thing is certain. We can’t allow politics to interfere with the vaccine in any way. Americans have had to endure President Trump’s incompetence and dishonesty when it comes to testing and personal protective equipment. We can’t afford to repeat those fiascos when it comes to a vaccine when it occurs…So let me be clear. I trust vaccines. I trust scientists. But I don’t trust Donald Trump. And at this moment, the American people can’t either.”

Biden outlines three questions for the Trump Administration to answer about Vaccines.

The former Vice President then outlined three questions/criteria he and Senator Kamala Harris agreed that the Trump Administration should answer before distributing vaccines to the American People.

These are:

  1. “What criteria will be used to ensure that a vaccine meets the scientific standard of safety and effectiveness?”
  2. “If the administration green-lights a vaccine, who will validate that the decision was driven by science rather than politics? What group of scientists will that be?”
  3. “How can we be sure that the distribution of the vaccine will take place safely, cost-free, and without a hint of favoritism?”

Later when responding to questions from reporters, Mr. Biden said that if the Administration scientists and reliable officials could answer these criteria, then he would support them distributing the vaccine if it was ready.

Biden describes the outlines of his Distribution Plan if he takes Office

At the end of his remarks, the Democratic Presidential Nominee laid out a rough outline of what he would do with regards to distributing vaccines, saying:

“…I’ll begin by implementing an effective distribution plan from the minute I take office. That’s what I discussed with the experts in the briefing today. They laid out a clear plan. They include a detailed timetable for when people will get the vaccine, clear delineation of priority of populations to get the vaccine, a specific means and mechanism for shipping and storing vaccine at appropriate temperatures. Two of those vaccines, if they come forward, they’d have to be stored and shipped at 70 degrees below zero.”

Later during questioning from reporters, Mr. Biden was more specific on what constituted which populations would get the vaccine first, stating that it would be distributed to vulnerable individuals (those in nursing homes and with health conditions) and essential workers including those in health care.


It should be noted that the former Vice President mentioned the Center for Disease Control Director Dr. Robert Redfields testimony before the Senate today that wearing masks can prevent getting COVID just as much as a vaccine.

It should also be noted that in his “Coronavirus briefing” with White House reporters, Mr. Trump said Dr. Redfield had misunderstood the question put to him about masks and the timetable on vaccine production.


What bull fecal matter.

Joe Biden is right.

“Trust the scientists. Don’t trust Donald Trump.”

Vote him out in 48 days.

Please remember:

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