On July 28, 2020, Joe Biden released and publicly commented on the fourth phase of his Build Back Better Plan: Strengthening Racial Equity.

With systematic racism still present in several aspects of American society and COVID 19 reeking health and economic havoc on Working Class White, African American, Latino, and Native American communities, Mr. Biden said in an address to the American People in Wilmington, Delaware:

“For generations, Americans who were Black, Brown, Native American, immigrant, have always been found, they pushed out, not fully included from our democracy and our economy. And it’s by pure courage, heart, and grit, they never gave up as they pursued the full promise of America. That’s the story of the people of this community and of this country. That’s why I couldn’t think of a more meaningful place to talk about my Build Back Better economic agenda. A bold, practical plan that’s going to help build a stronger and a more just and sustainable economy for everybody. Everybody, this time included.”

 Please click on the video of Mr. Biden’s address below.

What is in Vice President Biden’s Build Back Better Plan to Strengthen Racial Equity?

Components of the 2020 Democratic Presidential Nominee’s plan to strengthen racial equity include:

  • Create a small business opportunity fund for minority-owned businesses.
  • Support community development banks.
  • Equal pay regardless of ethnicity.
  • Access to affordable housing.
  • Equity in infrastructure and clean energy programs.
  • Have diversity in leadership positions across the federal government.
  • Reduce inequality in agriculture.

To examine Mr. Biden’s plans to strengthen racial equity, please click here to review.

Reaction from Arizona Democrats

Three leading Arizona Democrats expressed their support for Biden’s plans to strengthen Racial Equity.

Arizona Corporation Commissioner Sandra Kennedy

“We know firsthand that Joe Biden walks the walk when it comes to helping our communities. He has a lifetime of service and the track record our communities deserve, and today’s plan reflects that reality. From investing in good-paying, clean energy jobs, to investing in affordable homeownership for Black, brown and Native families, I am proud to endorse this plan and Joe’s vision for America as our next President.”  

Arizona Representative Lorenzo Sierra

“Vice President Joe Biden has a plan that will help deliver the investments, resources and tools Arizona’s Latino community deeply needs. In the wake of Donald Trump’s failures on COVID—19, Joe’s plan is just what we need to finally get back on track. I am excited to see Vice President Biden fighting for equity in management, training, and higher education opportunities, reforming opportunity zones so they can live up to their promise, and ensure our workers are treated fairly and paid equal wages.”

 Arizona State Senator Jamescita Peshlakai

 “I am glad to see Joe Biden demonstrating the kind of leadership we so badly need in the White House as he rolls out today’s plan. He is giving a voice to those who have often been shut out of the debate, and this plan’s focus on Native communities, businesses and issues reflect Joe’s deep commitment to lifting our community.”

Moving Forward

 At a time when Mr. Trump is glorifying statues of Confederate Generals, asking the Supreme Court to overturn Obamacare, short COVID 19 relief aid to Native American nations, looking for ways to deny DACA applicants, procrastinating with Mitch McConnell on additional COVID 19 aid, and rescinding Obama Era Executive Orders on fair housing, people should seriously examine Mr. Biden’s inclusive and progressive plans for cleaning up the mess the 45th White House occupant has made and moving the country forward.

November 3. 2020 is in 93 days.

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