Justice Dept. Will Sue Arizona over SB 1070

By Jenn

To the surprise of virtually no one, it looks like the federal government will be filing a lawsuit against Arizona over SB 1070 soon. In an interview with Ecuadorean media, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton let it slip that a lawsuit over Arizona's anti-immigrant bill will be happening:

I think the biggest surprise (at least to me) is that Secretary Clinton confirmed the news of a pending lawsuit to a reporter in Ecuador, even while the White House and the Justice Department has been exceptionally cautious to avoid tipping their hand on future plans. In fact, Justice Department spokesman Matt Miller refused to confirm Clinton's statement, saying only "the Department continues to review the law."

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  1. I hope that every American, regardless of where he lives, will stop and examine his conscience about this and other related incidents. This Nation was founded by men of many nations and backgrounds. It was founded on the principle that all men are created equal, and that the rights of every man are diminished when the rights of one man are threatened. All of us ought to have the right to be treated as he would wish to be treated, as one would wish his children to be treated, but this is not the case.

    I know the proponents of this law say that the majority approves of this law, but the majority is not always right. Would women or non-whites have the vote if we listen to the majority of the day, would the non-whites have equal rights (and equal access to churches, housing, restaurants, hotels, retail stores, schools, colleges and yes water fountains) if we listen to the majority of the day? We all know the answer, a resounding, NO!

    Today we are committed to a worldwide struggle to promote and protect the rights of all who wish to be free. In a time of domestic crisis men of good will and generosity should be able to unite regardless of party or politics and do what is right, not what is just popular with the majority. Some men comprehend discrimination by never have experiencing it in their lives, but the majority will only understand after it happens to them.

  2. For a discussion of “birthright” citizenship in the U.S. see http://www.ilw.com/immigrationdaily/news/2005,0926-crs.pdf (CRS Report: U.S. Citizenship of Persons Born in the United States to Alien Parents, 9/13/2005).

  3. Sir, I could not resist, I live about 10 minutes from good old Hillary here in New york state [westchester county] sometimes I feel like I am the only conservative in the state. I even have my own blog,[rob1156.wordpress.com], it is there to dicuss the Constitution and the declaration.I watched the interview with Greta last night,very interesting take on the 14th amendment. Most people dont understand it was ratified in 1868.And its meanings are not what they seem to the general public. Anyway sorry that the liberal government is going to try to challenge.I believe they know that they will lose,and are trying to avoid the situation. My Regards Robert Parera