(UPDATED) Kelly, Fontes, and Stanton Win Their Races; Other Top Ticket Democrats Widen Leads

With the first batch of same-day mail-in ballots being tabulated in Maricopa County and conservative counties running out of votes to turn in, Mark Kelly has won a full six-year term in the United States Senate and Adrian Fontes has won the Secretary of State race.

In a statement released shortly after the call from both CNN and AP, Secretary-Elect Fontes stated:

“I am honored to be presumptively elected Arizona’s next Secretary of State. I will make it my mission to bring us closer together than we have been during these last few years. The America of tomorrow can be a place where being an American is more important than your political party. We must embrace dignity for our fellow human beings and work to become Americans who respect our neighbors, regardless of how they vote. I promise to always honor and defend the ideal of fair and honest elections with the voters of Arizona and I will help reignite the flame of unity in our Republic. Thank you all so much. Let’s get to work.”

Greg Stanton has also won a third term in the House in the new Arizona Congressional District (CD) Four.

Furthermore, most of the other top-ticket Democrats (Katie Hobbs, Kris Mayes, and Kathy Hoffman) have widened their leads. Treasury Nominee Martin Quezada is still behind Kimberly Yee by a large margin.

The Corporation Commission Democratic Nominees (Sandra Kennedy and Lauren Kuby) are currently trailing their Republican opponents.

Kirsten Engel is within striking distance of catching Juan Ciscomani in the new Arizona CD Six. Jevin Hodge is still leading over David Schweikert in the new Arizona CD One. The Arizona Legislative Democrats are also doing fairly well but it, like the other races not called, will take more time to determine the winners of these races.

Judging from the over-the-top insane remarks coming from Kari Lake, Blake Masters, and Mark Finchem on social media, it is probably a sign that the Democrats are doing well in Maricopa County.

Do not forget that there are still votes coming in from Pima and Coconino County while most of the red areas of the Grand Canyon State have submitted virtually all of their ballots.

Stay Tuned.

There are still a few days to go.

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4 thoughts on “(UPDATED) Kelly, Fontes, and Stanton Win Their Races; Other Top Ticket Democrats Widen Leads”

  1. Does the GQP stupid ever end? And Lake/Masters/Finchem lead the way in the nonsensical, baseless conspiracy theories.

  2. Here we go again … Huffpost reports, “GOP Loses Again, So Trump Demands New Arizona Election ‘Immediately'”, https://www.huffpost.com/entry/trump-immediate-call-new-election-arizona-mark-kelly_n_636f436ae4b02901364245c7

    All it took was for Democrat Mark Kelly to win Arizona’s Senate race Friday for Donald Trump to demand a new election because of his unfounded claims of “tainted” votes.

    “Idiot, and possibly corrupt, officials have lost control of the tainted Election in Arizona,” the former president wrote on his Truth Social platform after Kelly was declared the winner in a tight midterm race against against controversial MAGA candidate Blake Masters.


    He also baselessly insisted that “large numbers” of voting machines weren’t working in Arizona’s Maricopa County — “but only in Republican districts.” This is a “scam and voter fraud,” he stated with no evidence, calling it “no different than stuffing the ballot boxes.”

    -Expect “Krazy Kari” Lake to follow Trump’s nonsense if Katie Hobbs’ lead holds up.

    • WHEN Hobbs’ lead holds up. All over but the crying and conspiracy delusions now. Kari is not pulling the numbers she needs to pull ahead in outstanding Maricopa ballots and is losing remaining Pima late returns to boot. She’s done.

      • CNN’s David Chappelle says Lake needs to poll about 56 percent on the remaining ballots to win. I do not see the math is there for her, especially with Coconino and Pima County votes also in the mix and Hobbs, Mayes, and Hoffman all getting 60 percent of the vote consistently in both and doing well in Maricopa. There is also some outstanding votes in Apache. Most of the red counties, with the exception of Pinal, are pretty much done. On the Congressional side, I would say Engels has a better chance than Hodge but I am surprised he maintained his lead this long. That would be a major upset if he pulls it off.

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