Latino Decisions weekly tracking poll: Latinos are more enthusiastic and more likely to vote


Posted by AzblueMeanie:

The latest Latino Decisions weekly tracking poll finds 8 percent of Latinos have already voted early, enthusiasm up again in final week:

The latest impreMedia-Latino Decisions tracking poll
shows that Latinos are more enthusiastic and more likely to vote than
ten weeks ago when the initial poll was fielded.  Forty-five percent of
Latino voters say they are more enthusiastic about voting in 2012
compared to 2008.  That number is up from 37% from ten weeks ago when
the initial impreMedia-Latino Decisions tracking poll was fielded. 
Furthermore, 87% of Latino voters say they are almost certain they will
vote on November 6th, which includes 8% of Latino voters have
already voted. 
In 2008, 84% of Latino registered voters cast a ballot
according to Census statistics.

* * *

Overall, Obama has the support of 73% of all Latino registered
voters, compared to 21% who favor Romney. 
The 52-point gap matches the
largest gap among Latinos this year, also found in the October 1
tracking poll.

For the ten weeks the impreMedia-Latino Decisions poll has been taken
the most important issue for Latinos consistently has been the economy
and the latest release revealed that Romney and the Republican party
have been unable to convince Latino voters that they will be better at
improving the it.  Seventy-three percent of Latino voters trust Obama
and the Democrats to make the right decisions to improve the economy
compared to only 18% that trust Romney and the Republicans

“The poll shows that this year we can anticipate record participation
among Latino voters,” said Monica Lozano, CEO of impreMedia “However,
Latinos are also realistic about what it will take to make real progress
on the issues they care about, especially given the lack of
cooperation  among our elected representatives in Congress.”

Over the past weeks the number of Latinos who say they are certain to
vote has gone from 81% to 84% and now 87%.  At the same time, the
percent who say they are more enthusiastic in 2012 has grown from 36% to
40% and now 45%. The percent who describe themselves as “very
enthusiastic” has gone from 51% to 56% to 59% in the last three weeks.

* * *

Next Monday, November 5, impreMedia and Latino Decisions will release
the final weekly tracking poll, including in-depth analysis of likely
voters, Latinos in battleground states, and the final LD Vote Predict
model by statistician Dr. Justin Gross.