Lincoln Project: Martha McSally is ‘just another Trump hack’


In an earlier post, Republicans who are ‘just another Trump servant: weak, frightened, impotent’, I told you about The Lincoln Project, a group of prominent anti-Trump conservatives which includes attorney George Conway ― husband of White House counselor Kellyanne Conway ― as well as GOP strategists Rick Wilson, Jennifer Horn, Steve Schmidt and John Weaver, who are doing some of the best ads of the 2020 campaign.

This earlier post was about The Lincoln Project’s attack ad that described Sen. Cory Gardner (R-Colo.) as “just another Trump servant: weak, frightened, impotent” and also called Gardner a “small man terrified of a political bully” and portrayed him as protecting Trump out of fear of being on the wrong end of angry presidential tweets.

I suggested at the time “This ad would work equally well with Arizona’s appointed, not elected Senator Martha McSally, who bows before “Dear Leader.” C’mon Lincoln Project, give us an ad for Miss Martha!”

They must read the blog, because my plea has been answered! Thank you, Lincoln Project.

Jim Nintzel at the Tucson Weekly reports MUST WATCH: Now Team McCain Veterans Are Coming After McSally: “You’ll Be Remembered As Just Another Trump Hack”:

The latest group to come after Sen. Martha McSally? The Lincoln Project, a collection of onetime GOP strategists and advisors who have left the Republican Party in the wake of President Donald Trump’s election—guys like Steve Schmidt and John Weaver (who both worked with the late John McCain) along with George Conway, the husband of Trump advisor Kellyanne Conway and a frequent Trump critic.

The ad is downright brutal, pointing to McSally’s tumbling approval rating and reminding viewers that she lost her 2018 Senate race. It closes by comparing McSally unfavorable to McCain and Barry Goldwater. “They stood for what was right, no matter the political risk. And they are remembered as American heroes,” the narrator says. “And you, Martha? You’ll be remembered as just another Trump hack—if you’re remembered at all.”

From the Lincoln Project release:

“Martha McSally is known for being a Trump hack,” said Jennifer Horn, spokesperson for The Lincoln Project. “But Arizona is known for strong, independent leadership from principled leaders like John McCain and Barry Goldwater. Arizonans clearly see who Martha McSally truly is—an unprincipled and unelected Trump hack.”

Sen. McSally is currently trying to hold onto her unelected Senate seat as Democrat Mark Kelly consistently polls above her. In 2018, she was appointed to serve in Sen. John McCain’s seat when interim Sen. Jon Kyl retired in 2019.

The Lincoln Project is working to defeat Donald Trump and those candidates who have abandoned their constitutional oaths, regardless of party.

The other day McSally  took to the pages of the Arizona Republic to double down on her pre-planned attack on a CNN reporter calling him a “liberal hack” instead of answering a basic question about whether she wanted to hear from witnesses in the impeachment trial of President Donald Trump.

Jim Nintzel continues, Martha McSally Keeps Dodging Tough Questions:

It was obviously a rehearsed line: McSally even had one of her staffers recording the incident so she could tweet it out and—by the end of the same day—start hawking T-shirts and raising campaign dollars off the exchange.

McSally’s opinion piece in The Republic spends a lot of time complaining that the liberal media is biased against her. And she boasts that she’s a real straight talker [trying to riff off of John McCain’s “Straight Talk Express” campaign tagline and compare herself favorably.]

“I am not a career politician. I don’t play that game because it does a disservice to the people of Arizona.”

Except McSally does play that game. She has dodged and weaved when it comes to basic questions about her positions since she first joined the campaign trail. In fact, you need look no further than the Arizona Republic on the same day her commentary was published.

Political reporter Yvonne Wingett Sanchez jumped right on the revelation that former National Security Advisor John Bolton reveals in his new book that Trump told him directly that he was holding up aid to Ukraine in exchange for an investigation into his political rival Joe Biden. Sanchez, recognizing that Bolton was a big supporter of McSally and McSally was a big supporter of Bolton, thought it would be worthwhile to see if McSally would want to hear from Bolton directly on this matter, since it pretty much blows up Trump’s defense that holding up the aid had nothing to do with a Biden investigation.

Here’s what Sanchez wrote about her query to McSally: “Through a spokeswoman, McSally declined to say whether she wants to hear from Bolton.”

Such brave straight talk from Sen. McSally, who says her vow is “to tell you the truth. To explain my votes. And to call ’em like I see ’em.”

Except in this case. And this one. And this one. And this one

Note: I have done a series of posts for years about “Questions for Martha McSally” that she never answers to any media outlet. McSally will only appear in front of hand-picked favorable supporters, rarely agrees to debate, and avoids taking questions from the media.

But there was another line in McSally’s self-serving op-ed in The Republic that grated on me. She suggested that the only reason the media had come down on her so hard after calling a CNN reporter “a liberal hack” is because she is a woman. Would a man have faced the same criticism? The self-described “woman warrior” complains that she is only being picked on because she is female, playing the gender card.

Laurie Roberts of The Republic responded Sen. Martha McSally hints ‘liberal hack’ blow back is because she’s a woman? Oh, please…:

Sen. Martha McSally must be feeling some heat.

It seems Arizona’s unelected senator realizes she needs to explain to voters – the ones who in 2018 sent Democrat Kyrsten Sinema to the Senate – why a United States senator would resort to a cheap fundraising stunt that made her look juvenile and a tad desperate.

McSally, who has spent the last two weeks lambasting the media, now says she that she wasn’t attacking a CNN reporter when she called him a “liberal hack.”

“Look, I’ve actually been attacked. For real in combat,” she wrotein an op-ed published Monday by The Arizona Republic. “This was no attack. It’s just the truth. And that’s fine! When did we become allergic to the truth?”

Perhaps about the same time “we” became allergic to answering questions?

Picking up on Jim Nintzel’s point:

McSally went on to immediately monetize her rant, mounting a fundraising campaign – isn’t it interesting that her staff caught the whole thing on video? – and launching a website,, where she’s hawking “You’re a liberal hack, buddy” T-shirts.”

In her column, McSally says she was simply speaking the truth, that “the vast majority” of journalists are biased against Republicans in general and President Donald Trump in particular.

But then she says something downright peculiar.

“Predictably, his entire industry melted down,” she wrote. ‘How dare someone – a woman, perhaps? – ‘lash out’ at a reporter like that! In a hallway, no less!’ The pearl-clutching was more over-the-top than I could have ever imagined.”

So this combat veteran thinks her confrontation with Raju became a national story because she, a mere female, had the temerity to push back on a male reporter? That the blow back was a push back against women?

Pander much, Sen. McSally?

You will remember that McSally lost her bid for the Senate in 2018 because she couldn’t hold moderate voters – the ones who live in the Republican-rich suburbs of Maricopa County, the ones who voted for Trump in 2016 and Sinema two years later.

Many of those voters are women and polling suggests she’s not winning them back.

“She really has a female problem,’’ Mike Noble, of OH Predictive Insights, told me, referring to his latest polling on the Senate race. “She did very well with men. However, with females, especially with older females, she did not do well with them.

“Her biggest thing is with moderate voters and with women. She’s just not really connecting with them, especially with those 55 and older.”

I get it. So now people are picking on poor Martha McSally because she’s a woman?

* * *

McSally is to be commended for her military experience, which I believe she mentions no fewer than seven times in her column defending her behavior. The retired Air Force colonel was the nation’s first female combat pilot.

Now she’s turned her combat skills on a new enemy: journalists.

* * *

“It’s not that I have personal contempt for the reporter, his industry or even the question he asked,” McSally wrote. “I am not attacking First Amendment rights; I put my life on the line for them.”

Now she must think her political life is on the line because she wrote 824 words trying to explain her outburst, and the most interesting part of it all?

She never did answer Raju’s question.

McSally will have to finally answer this question with her recorded vote, currently scheduled for Friday. Contact the senator’s office and tell her to vote to hear testimony from her Super-PAC supporter John Bolton. See old post, Martha McSally: The Bolton PAC, Mercer family, and Cambridge Analytica connection.

Otherwise, she is an accessory to aiding and abetting a cover-up.


  1. Well then she’s not going to like my call to her office ( the second of the morning) that asks her about the downed military plane in Afghanistan that took two days to get to because it was in Talaban territory. Not a peep from the squatter in the Oval. Not a word of condolences for their families… as a military officer herself, how does it make her feel to know that this guy cares more about covering his ass than doing right by our military men and women in harms way? Look in the mirror, Martha! He’s just not that into you.

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