by David Safier
The close grouping of local National Merit finalists in local schools is surprising to me, though it probably shouldn't be. You can find the students' names in the Star article.

  • University High (a TUSD high school with selective admission): 12
  • Catalina Foothills High (a public school in the Catalina Foothills district): 4
  • BASIS School (a charter school): 2
  • Pusch Ridge Christian Academy (a private religious school): 2
  • Salpointe Catholic High (a private religious school): 1
  • Canyon del Oro High (a public in the Amphi district): 1
  • Ironwood Ridge High (a public in the Amphi district): 1
  • Empire High (a public school in the Vail district): 1

To sum up: 19 finalists from public schools, 2 from charter schools (both from the same school) and 3 from private schools (both religious private schools).


Very few conclusions to be drawn. Traditional public school students far outnumber those in charter or private schools, so their larger numbers isn't a statistical surprise, but it's clear that going to a public school is not an impediment to the kind of achievement measured on the National Merit test.

Otherwise, not much to say other than congratulations to the finalists.