Mark Kelly and other Congressional Candidates want Trump’s Potential Mishandling of the Russian Bounty Intelligence Investigated


Donald Trump, despite contradictory evidence, said he was not briefed on the intelligence reports asserting that the Russians had put a bounty on American soldiers serving in Afghanistan.

He has even used one of his favorite words “hoax” and “fake news” in an attempt to steer clear of the blame of another in a series of blunders with regards to his relationship with Russia and Vladimir Putin.

With close to 20,000 lies to his credit since he has taken office, his latest response to the accusation that he ignored a threat to American Soldiers is hard to believe.

There are a lot of hoaxes and instances of fake news that seem to occur around Donald Trump.

Arizona Democratic Senator Candidate Mark Kelly shares most American apprehension about Mr. Trump’s claims that he is innocent of any mishandling in the Russian Bounty matter.

While Arizona Junior Senator Martha McSally seems to be more concerned about how this intelligence leaked than if Mr. Trump mishandled it, her 2020 Democratic opponent wants an investigation.

In a tweet, Captain Kelly wrote:

Later, in comments to AZ Central, he said:

“We can’t allow the Russian intelligence agency to take these kinds of actions and then as a nation not respond. We’ve got to have the backs of our troops, especially when they are in a combat theater.”

Kelly also wants Trump and Congress to impose Russia with additional sanctions and other proportional economically punitive measures.

Other Democrats looking to defeat Republican incumbents in the House of Representatives (Debbie Lesko, Andy Biggs, Paul Gosar, and David Schweikert) agreed with Kelly and offered their views on the matter after requests for comment from Blog for Arizona.

 Congressional District Four Candidate Delina Di Santo

 “My father was in Army Intelligence during the Cuban Missile Crisis and the Cold War. When I was a baby, we were living at Redstone Arsenal in Alabama, where my father was working during the Cuban Missile Crisis and then we were to be stationed in France, but President Kennedy decided not to send families to Europe, so my father deployed and my mother, seven children, and two dogs stayed in New Jersey with family. When I was 25 years old, I went to visit my dad. He had just retired a few years before. He was a huge Ham radio expert and talked with people around the world. We got on the subject of Russia and several hours later I learned a lot about what happened during those periods and the great importance our country played protecting the United States and our allies. He also said we have to be vigilant because Russia will continue to infiltrate and manipulate people, even Presidents, and try to harm us in any way possible. I thought at that time there would be no way for this to happen. Now I wish I asked more questions.”

 “For our President to not stand up against this horrific finding that Russia has put bounties on our American soldiers, is no less than blatantly allowing Russia to infiltrate our nation. Not to stand up for our men and women in uniform, who already put their lives on the line for all of us, is treasonous. Collaborating with Russia, by phone calls, all while knowing this coup to put contracts on the heads of our military, is treasonous. Not to even address this appalling report and have Trump minions say it’s a hoax by Democrats to make Trump look bad, is not just outrageous, but treasonous. Having this classified information leaked to the public is in some cases, dangerous for our troops and could make it worse by having the Afghan militants work harder to murder our men and women. Strong protections need to be put in place. But, having our President not address this right now, that the report is out, to the American citizens or to our troops, but continue hateful, divisive speeches to rile up his supporters, shows me my dad was right. We have to ask ourselves what side do we want to be on? The United States of America or Russia? Being a patriot or treasonous? Believe in our constitution or believe in tyranny? I choose to protect my country, our constitution, and our military.”

“I agree with Mark Kelly’s call for an investigation into Trump’s handling of possible Russian bounties. Our initial action is to secure economic action or sanctions. We must do it now”

 Congressional District Six Candidate Anita Malik

 “Yes, without question.”

Congressional District Eight Candidate Michael Muscato

“Follow the money….”

Congressional District Eight Candidate Bob Musselwhite

 Yes, I agree with Mark Kelly.  Our president should always have the back of troops we deploy.  If our president does not I consider it to be a fundamental disregard of his most basic responsibilities and we need to know the reason why he is so absent when the lives of Americans are involved.”

 Congressional District Eight Candidate Bob Olsen

 “I agree with Captain Mark Kelly.”

 “My concern is that this information came out over nine days ago and as I write this response we have yet to hear from our President or the White House that an open investigation has begun into the validity of this information.”

“Unfortunately, based on the history of Trump and his relationship with Putin, we are once again at a point where the actions, or inactions, of Trump, are called into question.”

 “There must be an investigation into the accusation that Russia has paid bounties for the deaths of US and coalition forces. Whether the information is true and accurate must be determined so that appropriate action can be taken. Only an impartial, open investigation can satisfy the validity of the accusation to the American public.”

 “Russia must be held accountable if the information is proven true, and we the people must demand a response that reflects our concern for the safety of our military men and women. If proven true, Trump must also be held accountable and must then demonstrate a willingness to put aside his personal allegiances, and act on behalf of the interests of the United States and its people.”

“Putin must once and for all understand our serious commitment as a nation to our people and to our international relations and allies.”

 Congressional District Five Candidate Javier Ramos

 “One of the most important jobs of Congress is its oversight of the Executive branch, regardless of what party is in the White House. The intelligence reports indicating that Russia paid bounties to the Taliban to kill U.S. soldiers should be concerning to all Americans and deserve the attention of the House Oversight and Intelligence committees. Americans deserve to know if Russia paid the bounties if the administration knew of this conduct and whether American soldiers were killed. Getting answers to these questions is vital to national security and should not be a partisan issue.”

Congressional District Four Candidate Stuart Starky

“I agree with Mark Kelly that there should be an investigation into the idea that the Russians put a bounty on our troops. The role of President Trump should be a subset of the investigation.”

 “If we find out the Russians used the Taliban or others to kill our troops, they should face long term financial and isolation consequences. As part of the investigation if we learn that the President Supported this effort if even by not reacting then there should be severe consequences to his presidency.”

 “My focus of the investigation must start on the question of did Russia put a bounty on our troops. Let the investigation take us where it must without political bias” 

 Enough is Enough. Donald Trump needs to be held to account for any “dereliction of duty” towards American Soldiers if he indeed mishandled his handling of the intelligence revelations on Russian bounties.

Republicans like Martha McSally, who always claim they support the military and its veterans, need to prove it and support an investigation into this matter instead of putting their heads in the sand and pray it goes away.

Their oath to serve is to the Constitution and the United States, not Donald Trump and his Fox Island-Trump Zone version of the Republican Party.

It is time they uphold their oaths now.

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