Matt Salmon maybe thinks American kids are too soft to do Jihad


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Some inveterate internet snarkster (I wish I could remember who) devised the concept of “Jihad Envy” – also known as “Fatwa Envy” – to describe the uniquely they-doth-protest-too-much type of obsession many right wingers have for Islam. It often veers into looking decidedly as if they wished U.S. Christian reactionaries enjoyed the same institutional support for committing violence that their jihadist counterparts in the Middle East do.

It appears that might be what’s going on with Congressman Matt Salmon (R-East Valley), as this disturbing report from Channel 5 News suggests:

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Campbell said the lesson took a dark turn when it came time to talk about vetoes.

“The congressman chose to give an example of the current situation in Iran, and made some inappropriate comments about ‘Do you know what a nuclear weapon is? Do you know that there are schools that train children your age to be suicide bombers?'” Campbell said.

Or maybe it was only a ham-handed and wildly inappropriate attempt by the Congressman to alert seven and eight year old children to his concerns about the Iran deal. You decide. Some commenters to the news article were pretty forthright about their desire to toughen up America’s youth and get them good and paranoid about the Muslim Menace:

The new American profile; snivelling little cowards parented by snivelling little people who won’t ever face the real world. Give the kid a little of your liberal Kool Aid and shut the hell up. The little cretins have got to learn sooner or later.

The only kids bothered by the comments are from liberal parents who will not admit to what is going on in the world today thanks to our muslim president who supports our enemies having the bomb. Kids of all ages need to know the truth. Belive me I did when I was that age as I lived about 30 miles from one of the first targets that Russia had missles aimed at. When other schools were having “duck and cover” drills our schools did not since we were so close.

They’re old enough to hear about every sort of sexual behavior there is, but don’t tell them about a modern day holocaust, because they’re too fragile to hear about the brutality being inflicted on humanity. Really??? Give me a break!

They strike me as sensible people who only have the well-being of Arizona’s children in mind. Also Matt Salmon’s natural constituency.


  1. Students today are so much more aware of what is happening in the larger world than those of Matt Salmon’s generation. Obviously, he has little contact with today’s youth and make assumptions out of thin air.

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