Mayor Kate Gallego and Phoenix City Council Advance Water Security by Approving the Renovation and Reopening of a Cave Creek Water Reclamation Plant

From City of Phoenix Water Services

On February 7, 2024, the Phoenix City Council unanimously approved a plan to reopen a water reclamation plant in Cave Creek that had been shut down in 2009.

Upon reopening in 2026, this renovated plant, according to a press release by the City of Phoenix Water Services:

” … marks a significant step forward in sustainable water practices and community development and sets the stage for what may be a transformative chapter in Phoenix’s approach to innovative water management. The Cave Creek facility, shuttered in 2009 due to an economic slowdown, is poised for a comeback that aligns with Phoenix’s strategic plan to diversify and secure its water resources. The council’s decision to approve the construction contract opens a pathway for the plant to one day employ Advanced Water Purification technologies, offering a promising future where reclaimed water could meet potable standards.”

In the same press release, Phoenix Mayor Kate Gallego offered:

“Phoenix takes seriously the need to secure our water future and continues to bring new solutions to the table to do so. Reopening the Cave Creek Water Reclamation Plant with new water recycling capabilities will be crucial to shore up Phoenix’s water supply, support sustainable development, and maintain a strong quality of life for Phoenix families. Thanks to the City’s commitment to water stewardship and the deployment of innovative technologies, we will be able to deliver what is effectively a new water supply before the end of the decade.”

Phoenix Water Services Director Troy Hayes commented in the same article that:

“With the Cave Creek Plant, we’re setting the foundation for water security that will benefit our residents for generations to come,” said Hayes. “The approval of this contract is a pivotal moment for our city. We are laying the groundwork for Advanced Water Purification processes that could create a valuable new water resource.”

After a tour of the Cave Creek plant, Mayor Gallego stated on a social media posting:

“The Phoenix City Council and I voted unanimously to invest in the most advanced water treatment technology for this plant. The plant is currently closed but it will be reopened and will effectively bring a new water supply to the people of Phoenix…At the City of Phoenix, we are always thinking about our water security and making investments for your future.”