Meet Paula Pennypacker, the Democratic challenger to John Kavanagh


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Last August I posted that Paula Pennypacker, an unsuccessful 1993 Republican candidate for mayor of Toledo, Ohio and a candidate for the Arizona state legislature in 2010, had officially switched her party registration to the Democratic Party. Republicans bail on the GOP and head for the exits.

Ms. Pennypacker explained her endorsement of President Barack Obama to the Toledo Blade in October 2012. Ex-Toledoan laments political state:

Ms. Pennypacker, who ran as a Republican for the Arizona state legislature in 2010, said her side-switching in the presidential race has turned friends into enemies, but she’s determined to make a make a stand against what she said is the excessive rightward drift of the Republican Party in Arizona.

“I have never seen a more polarized environment. It has cost me friends; horrible hateful emails. Romney, I never believe anything that comes out of his mouth. Obama is going to win,” she said in a telephone interview from Scottsdale.

She said she agrees more with Mr. Obama than Mr. Romney on abortion rights, gay rights, Obamacare, and immigration reform, all of which she supports.

“We witnessed the largest transfer of wealth from Main Street to Wall Street that has decimated urban America. Never again. I am voting for the candidate who I believe is the least sold out to Wall Street and will help rebuild the middle class. That would be Obama,” Ms. Pennypacker said.

“We don’t need to define the meaning of rape. We need to redefine the meaning of Republican. I think Romney has sold out to corporate America,” Ms. Pennypacker said. “Obama has a better economic plan with the tax reform and getting the economy going again. Obama gets that in order to deal with the deficit we need to increase revenues and cut spending.”

Ms. Pennypacker, 54, acknowledged that she sounds like a Democrat.

“I’m beginning to wonder that too. I’m a woman without a party,” Ms. Pennypacker said.

Well she has a party now, and she is running as a Democrat for the state Senate seat in Legislative District 23, against the always contemptible Rep. John Kavanagh who is termed out of the House and is seeking to move over to the Senate.

You can meet Paula PennyPacker at the Blue Tuesday Luncheon Forum (Facebook page) on January 28, 2014, at 11:30 a.m. at the Starfire Golf Club, 11500 N. Hayden, in Scottsdale. (If you want lunch, you must RSVP so we can order for you! Email $20 – cash only – at the door!)

UPDATE: Check out Paula Pennypacker | Facebook.


  1. I am a staunch Republican, but Pennypacker is a smart, balance individual who is so far ahead of her competition its not even a contest for anyone with the will to do a little research.

  2. This year John Kavangh’s big push is to regulate pan handlers…kinda funny whe you realize the Arizona representative just Accepted FREE trips to China and Azorbizhan. Don’t know much about Azorbizhan. Is that where Borat is from?

    Arizona doesn’t need another nut job like Kavanagh in the Senate. Enough already!

  3. Since I’m also a “former Eisenhower Republican” who says all the time, “I didn’t leave the Republican Party, it left me”. I can appreciate and understand that Paula Pennypacker has realized that the GOP was not about Americans, only about money and corporate greed, and so she changed her Party like any intelligent person would do. Welcome to the Light, Paula…it’s much warmer over here.

  4. Well let’s see, Troll, Kavanagh was a cosponsor of every anti-immigrant “illegally breathing while brown” bill of his good buddy Russell Pearce. He was the sponsor of the CAP’s “show me your papers to pee” bill last year. And I could go on and on through his hateful legislative record. That is “contemptible” by any reasonable person’s standards (does not apply to right-wing blog trolls).

    Gracious and good humored? You do know we have a record of every comment Kavanagh has posted on this blog, right? Gracious and good humored are not words that describe Kavanagh.

  5. Paula Pennypacker is an outstanding candidate. She will respond with vision and intelligence to counter Kavanaugh’s petty whining and horrible record.

  6. Contemptible? Gracious, of good humor, well reasoned, yes, contemptible, never. Your overheated rhetoric falls more accurately into that category. You bring hate to the public square and should be ashamed.

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