Meet the “Man” Who Helped Lead the Way to Passing the 1864 Civil War Era Abortion Ban

William Claude Jones. From Wikipedia

If William Claude Jones were alive today, he would undoubtedly be in jail for pedophilia and statutory rape.

Unfortunately for history and Arizona’s women today, this “man,” a person who had wives aged 12, 14, and 15 while moving westward for political advancement and, in the case of the 12-year-old bride, running away from the law for child abduction, presided over the passage of the 1864 Civil War Era Abortion Ban as…wait for it… Arizona Speaker of the House.

According to reporting from the Washington Post and other outlets, before becoming Arizona Speaker of the House, he had been a state legislator in Missouri and the U.S. Attorney for the New Mexico Territory (at the time, Arizona was part of those boundaries.)

He also favored the Confederacy during the Civil War.


Keep in mind, that Jones was 50 when he married the 15-year-old. He was the Arizona Speaker then.

He was 53 when he married a 14-year-old when he served in the Hawaii Lower House.

Republicans in the Arizona House, including current speaker Ben Toma, have to ask themselves this question.

Do they want to go down in history as siding with the views of a child rapist and ally of the Pro-Slave Confederacy?

Voters should be asking that question this November if they continue to obstruct the repeal of this 1864 Abortion Ban.

2 thoughts on “Meet the “Man” Who Helped Lead the Way to Passing the 1864 Civil War Era Abortion Ban”

  1. The GQP is all for child marriage (aka pedophila) because they want them pregnant when they’re young so they can knock them up again and again, be fruitful, you know.

    Lots of them say it out loud. Fox News has even been telling women not to go to college, just get in the kitchen and make me a turkey pot pie, beotch.

    Southern states also support exploiting children for cheap labor and cousin marriage.

    For those cool and groovy swinging single GQP MAGAts who want stay single, there’s Matt Gaetz teenage cocaine parties and the Ted Nugent “adoption” method for pedophilia.

    And of course, if you’re a reality TV actor and own the pageant, you can just wank, I mean, walk in on teenage girls while they’re dressing, a move known as The Donald (referring to convicted rapist Donald J Trump).

    It’s good to know who Jones was, and helpful PR I suppose, but the MAGAts have shown they don’t care if their heroes are pedos, and they like the part about him being a traitor to America.

    Anyway, the reason to be against the law has nothing to do with this creep.

    It’s a bad law that harms women, children, and if they’d put more than a second of thought into it, men as well.


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