Nevada Secretary of State sues Americans For Prosperity to disclose its donors


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This is something Arizona's Secretary of State should be doing, but he is unlikely to do so because The state of Maricopa appears to be the hub of the wingnut operations of the Koch brothers. Arizona Tea-Publicans depend upon the network of billionaire bastard Koch brothers funded organizations, i.e. the "Kochtopus."


Nevada Secretary of State Ross Miller filed a civil complaint on Friday alleging
Americans for Prosperity violated Nevada’s campaign finance laws in a
case that could force the national conservative organization to reveal
its donors for the first time. Secretary of state goes to court to force AFP to reveal donors:

The complaint, filed in Carson City District Court, alleges AFP
engaged in “express advocacy” in an attempt to influence the Democratic
primary election in Senate District 4 earlier this year.

Americans for Prosperity sent several campaign mailers to voters in
the district criticizing Democrat Kelvin Atkinson, who ultimately won
both the primary and general election.

In federal races, political nonprofit organizations such as AFP can
skirt requirements to reveal their donors by avoiding such words as
“elect” or “vote against” in their political advertisements.

But Miller says Nevada’s campaign finance laws are stricter than
federal requirements. Any political advertising that clearly seeks to
influence an election would subject the group to the state’s campaign
finance laws, he said.

As a result AFP should have registered as a political nonprofit or a
political action committee and disclosed the source of its funding and
any expenditures it made, the complaint argues.

“By soliciting contributions and by mailing the fliers, AFP has
engaged in political activity in Nevada, yet has failed to register as a
nonprofit and therefore violated (state law),” the complaint reads.

If found to be in violation of campaign finance laws, AFP would be
subject to $15,000 in fines. More importantly, however, the group would
be forced to reveal its donors.

The hub of Koch brothers organizations in the state of Maricopa need to be torn out by their roots and salt the ground so that nothing ever grows back. It begins with the Arizona Legislature enacting strict campaign finance disclosure laws. It's time to put an end to these cockroaches operating in the "dark money." Transparency and full disclosure of donors ought to be mandatory. Sunshine is the best disinfectant.

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