News 12 picks up Blog for Arizona’s reporting on Sockpuppet John Huppenthal

Brahm Resnik of News 12 interviewed Bob Lord today regarding Blog for Arizona’s sleuthing into Arizona’s most prolific Internet troll, Sockpuppet John Huppenthal. I understand the segment is supposed to run on the 6 O’Clock newscast. We’ll try to post the video later. Update: here’s the link.

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And be sure to check out David Safier’s post on The Range at the Tucson Weekly, Does John Huppenthal Write Blog Comments As Thucydides and Falcon9?

UPDATE: Stephen Lemons at the Phoenix New Times has his list of John Huppenthal’s Top Ten (Alleged) Comments as a Sock Puppet.


h/t Pete Brown: Someone is wrong on the internet.


4 responses to “News 12 picks up Blog for Arizona’s reporting on Sockpuppet John Huppenthal

  1. A sincere THANK YOU to Bob AND the staff of BFA for exposing this cowardice excuse for an AZ. elected official I’ve seen in recent memory. Which probably isn’t saying much considering our awful history of elected officals to begin with! But I digress.

    Full disclosure: this is my first time EVER on BFA. As a PROUD progressive in a NON progressive state, it’s great to have a CREDIBLE voice for the base. Now, it’s time we expand on that because we ARE out here, contrary to popular belief.

    And to you Mr. Lord, thank you for agreeing to an interview with Brahm Resnik. He’s an objective, professional and intelligent journalist that we need more of, especially when it comes to reporting AZ. politics. ‘Sunday Square-Off’ is the perfect place for that! Hopefully we’ll hear more from you as the election approaches. Arizona: Let’s all unite and vote Huppenthal OUT of office! Thanks to the tireless work of the BFA, his true colors have now been seen. Enough said.

  2. Brian Clymer

    Well done Bob Lord.

  3. AZterritory

    Caught it on the Channel 12 News–delightful. Let’s hope it has legs.