No wonder Bill Gates is mad at those pampered, overpaid teachers

by David Safier

The nerve of this Wisconsin teacher, to do anything but thank the gods for her good fortune. After all, Erin Parker is only 30 years old with an inconsequential $26,000 in student debt, and in her second year of teaching, she's already making $36,000!

I mean, come on, Erin, that's a salary beyond anyone's wildest dreams of avarice, especially since all you have to do is babysit a bunch of easy-to-manage second graders. Multi-billionaire Bill Gates is right. With that kind of money rolling in, why should you think you should get even more money just because you keep coming back to your cushy job year after year, or because you go take a few fun classes at the local university?

Can't afford a down payment on a house? Can't afford a car? Oh, boo hoo hoo.

[SARCASM ALERT: Can't be too careful these days. Since the conservative world is saying the same things I just said above, and worse, I have to be sure readers understand, I'm being sarcastic. If you want to cut teacher benefits and make salary raises contingent on their being "super teachers," you'd better raise the base salary a tad, or once the economy rights itself, the best and the brightest would be fools to go into teaching. But why should we waste our best and brightest on babysitting when their genius can be put to better use making lightning-speed stock market transactions or creating the next economic bubble? {There I go again. More sarcasm. Couldn't help myself.}]

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